Lonesome Wind

March 6, 2017
By robinkat1 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
robinkat1 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The night was dark, but gloomy, shadows were in war on deck. Our ship was rocking with the force of the waves, and a series of shudders went through me as I became stiff. The storm just hit. If only I could reach the door, It would be home-free.
     “Kaylee!” I heard my father cry, but could not respond to him.
The wind passed through me and I was numb, yet I took a step forward anyway, and another, slowly, almost to the shelter. With the way the ocean was, you could almost think it was angry, exacerbated that we were obtruding on it’s clean and calm waters. As I was almost two feet to the storm protection shelter, one more great shake of the high-seas caused me to let go of the pole. I plunged, for what felt like forever into the blackness of the water below, and finally, I was out cold.
     My body lay limp upon the golden-white sand of a beach, the sun warm against my cheeks, as though trying to cheer me up from the events of the previous night. Glancing around, I could spot a nearby forest and as I turned around, waves met my toes. My clothes had a powerful effect on me while I was struggling to get to my feet, pushing on my skin, not allowing me to stand. Father’s ship was nowhere to be seen, probably halfway across the world by now. I finally stood up, my spine in such an odd condition, like I was part giraffe. I strode off in an attempt to survive until I was found.  That meant I needed to build a shelter, find some food, and inquire some help.
     I figured that if I could find enough timber, that I would be able to make a temporary hut for myself. There was a nearby jungle, I thought that would be the best place to find some wood. Scouting for the wood was the easy part, constructing a hut would be a bit tougher, though, I did find some vine I could use to tie it up. The pressure of building, was that I was the only worker. Even though I was pursuing the need for shelter, It would not stop collapsing. I gave up and found a small cave, far off shore, that I decided would be where I spent the night.
     I couldn’t sleep, there were too many sounds coming from the creatures of the night that, my ears popped whenever I tried moving. Chirps and rustles filled the air. Adjusting myself, I was able to seek refuge under my soundproof sweatshirt.
     In the morning, I would wake up with my eyes having bags, stiff muscles, and bugs in my hair. I needed to find food, for it had been days since I last had a glimpse of so much as a seed. You could already see my rib bones piercing from my skin. I got up and started walking wherever my tired legs would take me.
     It felt like I had walked for weeks before finding some nice, refreshing water. The afternoon shine burning my eyes as I was struggling to move on. I finally found some palm trees, and hoping there was some coconuts on them, began to climb. It took five minutes to reach the top and making a small whimpering noise, realized there was nothing, all that wasted time and energy, except that I spotted  a nearby village in the middle of the island. I then slid down the bumpy trunk, towards the only hope of rescue, they could help me get around, or even help me find my father. I broke into a run.
     Sweaty and gasping for breath, I come upon the small camp, finding only four empty tents and day old ashes located in the firepit, beside it was a neat stack of logs and sticks. I could hear a twig admonishing me in the distance. Startled, I quickly ducked behind a nearby shrub. My watering eyes were staring at the other end of the camp where, a small group of people soon emerged between the trees, each one carrying some sort of animal over their shoulders. My heart was beating. Hope! Figuring it would be stupid if I introduced myself to potential enemies, I halted in silence until I knew a little bit more about them. At last, it had been an hour before I drifted off to sleep from exhaustion and lack of food. My head hit the dirt with an audible THUMP. Everything went dark and there was dead silence.
     I awoke, the lighting made me realize that it was past noon. I was in a tall dome, probably one of the tents, I thought. There was a young girl dressed in a buckskin gown and moccasins, a feather headband on her head.
     Then she spoke, “Wat ome otter?” I was confused and dizzy from last night, I tried to sit up.
     “What?” I asked.
     “Want some water, we have plenty?” I didn’t know what to say to this.
     “Here!” she offered me a cup.
     ¨ Umm-where am I, what is this place? I got to get out of here!” She lifted up the door and said
     “This is our home, Tahnee Mara” the girl gazed for a second at the worried look on my face, she then asked if anything was wrong.
     “Yeah! Really wrong, I am so confused! I need help getting home. I fell off a boat during a storm and ended up here. I don’t know how to get back or if my father is alive. Also, I am kind of lost, and have not heard of a Tanay marie” I was passed a bowl of fruit, I was famished and she seemed to have calmed me down. Reluctantly, I reached for a juicy looking mango on the top. I was allowed to take a bite before she spoke again,
      “So what’s your name? I’m Tala.” Pausing, I looked at her in recognition and answered.
     “Kaylee, I’ve heard your name before, my father told me it means princess of wolves, doesn’t it? You’re the chief’s daughter!” I took a sip of water, I could feel the freshness travel cooly, tickling my throat. “That means my father’s dock is on the other side of the island!”
     “Yes, he brings us fruits and blankets, he was not here today though, so we had to forage for our own food.”
     “Oh.” a tone of melancholy in my throat, “ He was caught in a storm and that’s how I got here.” From the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow dancing on the door, and a silver wolf with bright, blue-sea eyes, walked in, gazing around imperiously. I jumped so high, you could think I was on a trampoline.
     “Tehya!” shouted Tala, “Who’s a good girl?”  This was questioned. I sat back down and stretched out to pet her. Her fur was silky smooth.
     “I think I know how I can help you find your father. Tehya knows her way all around the island, we could accompany you on your journey.”
     “Really, that would be great, thank you!”
     By the time we left the camp, it was growing dark. We tried to yell for help for about five minutes, at that point, my throat was tender. We attempted something different, Tehya was sniffing for any scent given, while Tala and I were lighting a signal fire. An hour went by, I slumped on a boulder and was trying to think, I would have lost hope if Tala wasn’t there, she looked up at the sky, I followed. I could feel that he was there, so I closed my eyes and sensed that he was on the other side of the island, but I didn’t know where I was. Then I thought for a long time. Oh! I just remembered that we could climb the trees, like I did when I found Tala’s camp. There was a really tall pine and, even though it hurt, was worth it. The two of us gazed far into the distance where we found hope, Tehya whimpering for us to be careful, and we stumbled down the trunk and started sprinting towards the direction we saw the dock.
      My father’s ship was there, he had to be on board. I approached the deck, and sure enough, he was. We looked at each other as if we were hallucinating. I made the first move by leaping into his heartwarming arms like there was no tomorrow. I told him the story of how I found him, he was enthralled. The sun was diminishing steadily. Tehya yawned as loud as an earthquake, I was pretty worn out too. I gave Tehya a hug around her scruff, notified her of my thanks, and she was surveying my eyes as if longing for me to stay. At this, she turned tail and trotted back to the camp, Tala waved and followed. I was home, my father was here, and now I had new friends. Almost like it was destiny for me to go on such an adventure, one that I had never been before. It was a story that would be cherished, in generations of people’s hearts forever, the story of my survival, on a lonely island, in the middle of the Seven Seas.

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Author’s Note
Katherine started writing stories since she was in second grade. Every year since then, she has been influenced to write her stories about adventure and fantasy. She gets her ideas from her 4 younger siblings, who are always at play.
“ I enjoy writing stories because, when I get home, I have the opportunity to read them to my family. I never know what I’m going to write about next.”
Her love of writing continues as she goes on with her life. Many people think they won't succeed, yet, Katherine knows that it is not writing if you don't believe in your piece.

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