Dual survivor

March 6, 2017

“Hello. Hey Kim. It’s Kevin.  I'm not going to be coming home for a while,” I said.

“WHAT! Why?” Kim asked perplexed
“Because...they need me to stay longer. All we have to do is one more mission before I can come home.”
“Okay, so how long will this be?” She asked.
“It could take up to one month or so.”
“But our anniversary is in one month,” her voice sounded sad.
“ I know. I'll be in there for our anniversary I promise. It is my duty. My job. “
All the next day all I could think about was the broken promise. It is hard to let your loved ones down...especially Kim, she was special. But when duty calls, you have to answer it. I was in my room getting ready for the mission. My best friend Jimmy is standing by my side, like always.
“Hey, we have to go to the  ?”said Jimmy.
“One minute. I still have to pack a few things.”
Ok just meet me outside how bout dah.
As soon as I was done packing my thing as we got to the plane and  the sargent started to barking the regular orders and questions .
“What is your name and date of birth and what state you live in?”
“ My name is Kevin Marshal ,born January 19, 1985, and I live in the state of Michigan . Thank you sir you may board the plane.”
It was a long flight to Russia, about 13 hours, but I was going to let sleep get the best of me. I knew I had to drop those bombs and get out of there.
I heard a missile fire I look down and it's coming straight for our plane.
“ Mayday Mayday, we've been hit”.
I heard the pilot call to take emergency procedures.
everybody strapped in and waited for the wild ride down.
The impact to the earth was brutal.
“Hey Jimmy you ok”.
“Yea i'm good kev”.
“Anyone else ok”.
I panicked as I didn't hear a word
“Kevin we need to get out of here. the russians will be here any minute”.
As me and Jimmy undo our straps we hear trucks coming our direction. ”.
As we sprinted to the wood to the back of us we hear a gunshot and next thing you know I looked back and Jimmy was on the ground bleeding out.
“Come on bro get we got to get to the woods”.
As he got up we started sprinting again and we finally made it to the woods.
“ I think they're gone now i'll go gather leaves to get you cleaned up with you just stay here till I get back”.
As I was gathering leaves, all I could hear was the sound of wilderness and woods it wasn't the best sound ever but it was better than being in the hands of Russian soldiers
While I was heading back I could hear voices. I couldn't make out the language, but it was Russian .When I got back I told Jimmy be had to head back into the woods a little farther because if we were up this close they would find us. As I was patching him up, I looked over and saw a dead body laying on the ground
“Look at that Jimmy. Let's search the body”.
“Look what I found, he said as he pulled out a knife from his the dead man's belt.”
“We can use that for making a shelter or weapons.”
Alright let's move back the woods more,
As we found a good place jimmy started to make spears with the large knife and I started to gather leaves to act like shingles for our roof for our shelter. Tomorrow we have to go to the plane see if we can find a radio or something. As we were going to sleep a big storm came through and completely  blew all the shelter we had away. Once we woke up we immediately started to grab weapons just in case russian soldiers were to come.
As we got to the plane we saw a radio and Jimmy began to fiddle with the radio.
‘’Anyone there over’’.
No sound . ‘
’Let me try’’.
I fiddled with it and got a little sound but it was just staticky.
‘’Any one there over’’.
‘’Let's look for other supplies’’.
‘’Nothing over here I said’’.
‘’Same over here’’.
‘’Let search the area see if we can find anything just be careful they could come out at any time’’.
While we were searching for supplies we came across old broken down beat up military jeep.
‘’Let's go search it’’.
I came across some water it was covered in dirt.
‘’Here you go I said’’ as I tossed the water to Jimmy.
‘’NIce find good job’’. ‘’I found a gun in the glove box said Jimmy’’.
‘’NIce any ammo’’.
‘’Yea its got a full clip and three dozen bullets in the box’’.
‘’I know this sounds crazy but if we have have weapons we need to sneak into a building and find a radio’’.
‘’Yup you're crazy said Jimmy’’.
‘’But it's the only chance we got so we better take it’’.
’’ I guess if you think so’’.
‘’Alright tomorrow then’’.’’
“ I guess let's go’’
The walk back to woods was very silent. I think it was just because both of us knew there was a very slim chance that even one of us would make it out alive. We made it back to our little shelter we had made.
‘’What direction should we move I asked Jimmy’’ .
‘’North because that's the way they came from when the plane crashed he replied’’.
As we were heading north we saw a camp with a bunch of soldiers.
How are we going to get pass them? I thought to myself.
“I don't know just be silent” ,I said.
As we moved around trying to get passed the soldier. We heard them talking but we couldn't tell what they were saying. As we were getting passed the camp
“ Jimmy we should settle down somewhere because the sun was going down”.
“This looks like a good spot Kevin”.
“Ok Lets build a fire”.
How there's like no sticks anywhere were out in the open.
True I guess we just go to bed then.
The next morning we woke up and started walking right away. We have to find a building or a base today Jimmy said.
“I agree”.
“Do you think we will make it out alive he said?”.
I don't know a we can do is hope.
We walked for hours until we spotted a building in the distance.
“YES Jimmy screamed hopefully there's a phone or a radio in there”.
“Im sure there is”.
When we approached the building. It was tall and very wide and it was red bricked.
‘’How do we get in I asked Jimmy’’.
I don't know let try to find a backdoor or worst case scenario we go through the front door.
As we were walking around the building we found a door cracked so me and Jimmy slipped through. While we were trying to find a phone or radio we looked around and it looked like a store.
“Did you hear that Jimmy I asked”.
“Hear what”.
“Hear a voice”.
“No I didn't hear anything”.
“ Oh lets just keep moving then I said”.
We came around the corner of a counter top and we looked over and we saw a few people they speaking english. As I was listening I could hear them talking about us.
“ The military sent out a message to the town they said that that there were two people from the U.S air force and if we saw them call ’’ .
“The military's after us Jimmy”.
“I know I heard”. 
Meanwhile we found a radio and I started to mess with its and to try to find an american base radio station.
“Break! Break! Anyone there over”.
“Copy that U.S military base over”.
“This is Kevin Marshal and Jimmy Fredrickson U.S military we are in russia at this moment we need to escape right now”.
“Copy that i'm sending a chopper your way it should be there in about 13 hours. So just stay alive until we get there over”.
“Do you need any direction on where we are over”.
“No we can find your location using radio signals over”.
After about 12 hours of hiding in a closet the back room of the large building the same three men walked through the door .
“There giving out 50,000 ruble to whoever captures the two men on the run”.
Meanwhile one of the other men were walking our way
“Jimmy get ready to shoot I whispered”.
The man opened the closet door. and Jimmy just started shooting like mad. We shot the first couple of guys. About twenty minutes after people with guns and armor started coming through the doors.
“That must be the S.W.A.T team lets go”.
We ran out the door into the dark when we saw a helicopter with an american flag on the top part of it.
“Run I told Jimmy”.
When I looked back Jimmy was on the ground bleeding.
“Just go he yelled”.
“I can't leave you here I said”
“It's alright just go”.
They started are way and I couldn't stay for much longer so i just ran to the helicopter as it was taking off and I knew from that point on  the hardest thing ever was to live without your best friend .    

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