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March 3, 2017
By MarcosThomas BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
MarcosThomas BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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Hey, its Big mac daddy. No, not my real name. I’m a rapper. My real name is Reginald Bohemius III. I’m writing today in my rap journal, where I keep all my rhymes. By the way, check out my soundcloud @DjBigMacDaddy420. Anyway, I had to get this off my chest. I tried something big, and I failed. Not anyone knows I tried to get signed, I hope nobody ever knows, because it was pretty bad. I tried to get signed to Big Bucks the label. It's a music company where you can produce your music. Now, you may think all you have to do to get in the label is have some sick rhymes, like my rhymes in the song ‘McDaddy’ which is now available on my soundcloud @DjBigMacDaddy420. But, you have to have the look, the swagger, and the flow to be on the label. And I didn't have what it took. They said that I didn't have the “Swagger,” which I do. You can see my swag in my song “Get Mc’With it” which is now available for sale on my soundcloud @DjBigMacDaddy420. So, let me tell you the story of how I got denied a feature with the label.

I woke up, Wednesday morning. Small apartment, 2 rooms, 1 kitchen. Got out of bed, bottles still on the floor from last night. I strolled into the kitchen, grab the Frosted Flakes, but turns out there is no milk. Found a spoon lying around, and wash it off. The water was cold, guess the hot water got turned off. Finished up my shower, threw on my tight fitting clothes, brushed my teeth, and walked out the door. I head to my job, working an 6 hour shift flipping McDoubles. So, as I’m working on an order, I slip my mixtape ‘Mack like Big Mac’ into the customer's bag, like I always do. But this time, when I slipped in it, one customer actually noticed me slip it in. He asked what it was, and I told him what it was. He told me he worked for a label called Big Bucks and told me they were looking for new artists. He told me to freestyle to show him how good I am. And so I freestyled. And so he gave me his card, and walked out of the restaurant. Went pretty well, but I didn't freestyle. I spit a verse from my song ‘I’m the McMan’, which is available for sale on my soundcloud @DjBigMacDaddy420. I worked the rest of the day, with an extra bounce in my step. After the 6 hour shift, I look at the card he gave me. “William Mailliw, CEO, Big Bucks the label.” I looked down, and it gave me the address of the building. So, I ride my bike to the building, and step inside. I ride the glass elevator up to floor 13, and step off. I see Mr. William, and he pulls me into a recording studio, and asks me to freestyle for him and the other producers there. “My name Big Mac, I promise I’m not whack, you mess with me, and you're gonna get smacked. I am the hottest in the game, and the biggest too. My rhymes so sick, you might catch the flu.” They said they'll call. Fast forward 2 days. Still flipping McDoubles. Fast forward a week. Still flipping McDoubles. Fast forward 2 weeks. Flipping Big Macs. At least now, a month later, still flipping burgers, I know the rap game wasn’t for me. I would do it again. I knew I wasn't going to make it big time. But my friend Smokey was going to. And I had to try the rap game, at least once, for Smokey. But now, at least I know it's not for me, and Smokey can rest easy. Flipping burgers isn't that bad, of course one or two go missing every hour or so. I tell the manager I dropped them, but I don't tell him they seem to fall in my mouth. Another day in the books, and an interesting one at that. That reminds me, checkout my song ‘McBook it’ on my soundcloud @DjBigMacDaddy420.

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