Sky Blue Eyes

March 3, 2017

Sky blue. A strip of brown. White lines. She doesn’t know if those white lines are always there, but when she’s looking into his eye, they’re there. Staring into his eyes is like seeing all the stars in the sky. She doesn’t know how anyone could break away from their gaze. The way his eyes light up when he hears or sees a truck he likes. Staring into his eyes gives her a sense of comfort like she’s safe around him. He, himself might look tough, that he can snap you in half just by looking at him the wrong way, but those eyes. His eyes tell you he’s sweet and that he’s been through so much, but they still shine as bright as day. Looking into his eyes was like a trapdoor, she fallen and can’t escape his gaze. His eyes tell you, “you can trust me.” and that’s what she did. She fell for a man whose eyes hide the painful memories and show the happy ones. Gazing into his eyes gives her hope that she can make it through the day with a smile on her face.
She was afraid to let him in. She was scared that the man with gorgeous eyes would leave her in pieces like the previous one did. The thought of being damaged again, made her not want to let anyone in. The thought of being on her bedroom floor, tears rolling down her face, feeling so empty on the inside, like someone just ripped her heart out and destroyed it, made her not want to love anymore. The times people spoke the words, “I love you.” to her, but didn’t mean it, made her not want to trust a soul. She, herself, had painful memories hidden behind those green eyes.
The first time she saw the man with gorgeous eyes, she wanted to speak with him, have a conversation, I told her, “No.” She only listened for so long. I told her, “He probably has a girlfriend. He probably doesn’t even look your way. He probably thinks you’ll be a creep for talking to him. He’s probably a jerk. Don’t do it.”
But still, she continued to look at him on her way to band everyday. She saw him sitting alone on the bench during his lunch time, he looked new. She told herself she was going to talk to him, but never had the guts to say anything. I told her she shouldn’t. I gave her doubt that he could never make her happy. I told her she would be better off alone and she didn’t listen.
She thought about him all weekend, she didn’t even know his name. She told herself that she was going to speak with him on Monday. She was nervous, excited, and scared.
I told her, “He’ll never find you interesting enough to talk to. He probably has girls crawling all over him, you’ll just pester him. He is so out of your league.”
The man with gorgeous eyes was still on her mind.
Monday rolled around. She was late for band, she couldn’t talk to the man with gorgeous eyes like she wanted to. This disappointed her. It was time to board the bus and she still hasn’t spoken to him. He got on the bus and sat across from her. She was panicking on the inside. She was thankful that one of her friends had the courage to speak to the man with gorgeous eyes. Before his stop, she finally had the guts to say something to him. Finding a way to contact him. She got a glimpse of his eyes while they spoke in that limited time. The man with gorgeous eyes hypnotize her with one glance.
In that moment, I lost her. But I’ll grab a hold of her again. She’ll look my way and when she does, I’ll give her that empty feeling she knows all too well. I’ll make sure she doubts that she could ever feel happy again. I’ll be the reason she lays in bed with warm salty tears sliding down her face. I’ll cause her to have no motivation and make her shut everyone out. I’ll soon have her all to myself.
The man with gorgeous eyes and the girl with green eyes started to communicate over social media. Learning that the man with gorgeous eyes and the girl with green eyes where neighbors. All the times she spent daydreaming about him, wanting to talk to him, and he lived right there. Across the street.
The man with gorgeous eye and the girl with green eyes would go for walks. Sounds of his laughter would be trapped inside her mind. Images of his smile would be posted on the walls of her head. Her eyes, concentrating on his. She wonders if he notices the small details in her eyes like she did with his. She wonders if her smile, her laugh, her voice, was stuck inside his mind the way that his smile, his laugh, and his voice was glued inside her’s.
“What?” He would say in a soft voice as she’s lost in his eyes.
“Nothing.” She would reply.
Too many thoughts are occurring. It wasn’t nothing. It was something. She was losing herself in his gaze. His sky blue eyes were so hypnotic. The white lines made it feel like you were staring up at the starry sky or staring into the universe. Being lost in his eyes made her forget her surroundings, forget all of her problems, and it was just them in this big blue marble.
She wondered if she makes him happy. She wonders if he randomly thinks about her and smiles at the thought.
He was the light of her bad day. He was the one who brought her happiness. He was the one that made her feel like she was wanted. He was the one that took her away from the grips of depression. All from one glimpse of his sky blue eyes and she was happy with her life. It’s a magical thing how one person could change how you see life, she thought.

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