Fractured Goldilocks

March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

“Mama, Can we go to the park after we go to our cousins?” I ask.
“We probably can Teddy. It might not be for too long though.” I hear as I jump around happily. I hurry to get my soccer ball and then jump in the car waiting to go to my cousins. I see Mama forgot to close the front door and she is carrying a few boxes to bring and I get out to help her with the boxes right away. Once we have everything packed, “Anything else we need to bring?” I ask.
“No darling, thank you very much though.” Mama says.
We head on over to my cousins where we eat lunch and I play with them for a while. Then my dad comes by and brings us ice cream. Then after a while of playing and my mom talking to my aunt I get tired and take a nap. So do my cousins. I wake up when she picks me up and carries me to the car. I completely forget about the park and I decide to relax against the side of the door as we drive around. Then my mom gets a call. I wake up a little bit more. Then I notice she starts heading home and is driving quite a bit faster. “Mama, why are we going so fast home?” I question.
“Um, dear. Our neighbors have said we need to get home. She have heard things break and our front door is wide open.” She say harshly.
“Does that mean people are trying to throw a surprise party?” I say happily.
“No dear. Just, when we get to the house, it might be a little dangerous so please stay in the car.”
I lean back and just start to think. “ Is something bad going to happen? WIll Mama and Papa be okay? Is someone going to get hurt? “ I start to freak out and I try to keep myself from crying because I know if I do cry, it might upset Mama. So I just try and stay calm.

    ~Later until they are home~

As we pull up in the driveway, I see our front door wide open. Mama jumps right out and runs inside. Papa drives up quickly, he must have gotten out of work early for this, and he runs inside. I curiously follow, scarred of what I might see. Nothing seems to be gone. I run to the kitchen and see Mama.
“Our porridge is gone!” She screams
“Oh no!” I shout
We run into the living room and my chair is broken.
“No, not my favorite chair!” I exclaim loudly.
“Gosh darn it, those jerks!” Papa shouts.
We all hear movement upstairs and then Mama and Papa run upstairs. Their beds are all messy and then when we see my bed, there is something in it. I poke at my covers and then a girl jumps out. She shrieks with horror and runs downstairs and away from our house. Mama and papa run to me and make sure I am alright. The sheriff comes and says it was all probably just a friend and it caused a problem because everyone in our town is very nice and friendly to one another. So after the town sheriff leaves, we go back and fix everything. I make the beds, as Mama makes more porridge and Papa fixes my chair.
After we eat, Mama and Papa talk to me.
“You are such a strong little 9 year old.” Mama says lovingly.
“I'm so proud of you squirt.” Papa says as he pats me on the back.
I go to sleep happily that night knowing that it was probably not some mean person, but a new friend to be made at sometime. Whoever it was just had a few accidents and didn’t want to fix them.

  ~Next Morning~

The sheriff calls and tells us he found the culprit. He says it was Goldilocks. A nice girl that lives a few blocks away. She wanted to come over and play but just caused a lot of problems and when we woke her up, she was startled and ran away. She was just there and seen the door open a little and wanted to come in. We laugh a little, and invite her back over. Goldilocks isn’t actually a thief or burglar she is just a friend that started with mistakes.

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