Rumplestilkin dead!

March 8, 2017
Rumpelstiltskin dead!

The queen ,then a simple miller's daughter, reports that her father had lied to the king, telling him that his daughter could spin straw into gold. This made the king decide to lock her in a cell and order her to make gold by the time that the sun came up.
She reports that is when the creature showed up, and offered to make the gold for her, but in exchange for making the straw into gold she had to give up her ring. The next day he came she gave him her necklace in payment.
After a few days she was moved to a larger cell with more straw and ordered to spin all of it into gold. If she succeeded, she was to marry the king, and if she failed, she would have had her head chopped off!
The creature appeared once more. He began to spin the straw into gold despite the young woman's protests, he demanded her first born child in payment.
After marrying the king she had her first child, whom the creature demanded. After arguing for hours, on end the creature finally said "If you can guess my name in three days, then you may keep your child."
The queen guessed many names each day, she was about to give up, before wandering into the woods and discovering his name as he sang about it.
The next day he came back, the queen, at first, pretended to not know his name, before revealing it as Rumpelstiltskin. He of course, was not pleased with this development, so angry in fact that he drove his foot into a ground, creating a chasm, and fell in. He is now presumed dead and is never to be seen again.

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