Its not over

March 8, 2017
By Dragons124 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Dragons124 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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You? I ask with doubt as well as supirse in my voice. The woman smiled with shark teeth ready to bite at any moment. My body is frozen as I stand over him and stare out at her. My hand finds its way behind my back and silver lights begins to emulate from it.

The woman, a red color in her iris' stalks twords me. Finally the streanth of a lion takes over in my body as she streaches her hand in the direction of my chest. out of instict, i made a shield just as the fire hit it.

I hear a groan and look over at her now concous freind. He opened his eyes, looked what was happeneing then smiled. I knew he had an idea. I hear footsteps and see that the woman was only a couple ffet in front of me. She was a fox, waiting for the perfect time to strike her prey. Luckily, so are we.

"Your finished!" The suddedn explosion of green pushed us back, as he landed on his feet. She scowled and turned around, sending out a ball of fire at him.

I suddenly felt as if i were a knight in battle i ran forward and tackled her, but beforer i could get to her she dissipeared. I frowned. "That went well." He dusted off his clothes and smiled. "Its not over, there has to be a reason she didnt kill us." I said. he shrugged.

The author's comments:

Just a quick peice i did for class

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