The life of a Donut

March 8, 2017
By , daytona beach, FL

                                  The Life of a Donut
Ever wondered why a donut is called a donut? Or why there’s two different spellings for donut … or doughnut. It crosses my mind every day as I drive by Americas 2nd favorite coffee place in the world, Dunkin Donuts. I can’t be the only person in the world to actually have my mind on a donut constantly. Everyone has their mind on food right? You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. When I was in my 5th grade writing class, my teacher told us to pick any object to compare a human to, and why? I thought long and hard on what to compare us human beings too. Almost felt like fire was on top of my head and steam was blowing out my ears. Until the most brilliant student walked through the classroom door and said “GUESS WHO GOT A BOX OF DONUTS FOR FREE!!!” my eyes lit up and a joker smile went across my face, I yelled out “OF COURSE! MICHAEL YOU’RE A GENIUS!” of course the class looked at me weirdly and Michael was clueless as to why I said that. I turned back to my paper that I have not yet started and thought how the most eaten pastry in the world didn’t pop up into my brain the first time. Literally thought about everything that a human can somewhat relate to. An Ostrich, Pizza, Books, Pictures, Vultures, etc. Disappointed is the word I would feel towards myself. The signs were everywhere, I even asked my mom if we could share one before dropping me off to school when she gave me a lecture of how unhealthy it is instead of a simple “No” but she knew that as a child they always want an explanation as to why it’s a “No” instead of a “Yes”.  I snapped out of the thoughts I had running through my head and got started on my essay.
   Half way done with my essay realizing that I was totally off topic, Instead of comparing a human to an object I compared the object to a human. Went off on questioning and imagining how a donut feels, probably feels empty… considering it has a giant whole in the middle.

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