Good Vibes

March 7, 2017
By Anonymous

Good Vibes

Every time I see a puppy they can make me smile by doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s the way their tails move back and forth at an insane rate of speed when they see you. Or maybe it’s the way they climb on you a snuggle on your chest letting you know that they love you. It might even be the way they let their tongues hang out of their mouths when they smell food. I think the thing that we love most about puppies, is that they love us. It’s a wonderful love because puppies don’t know how to judge a person. A puppy doesn’t know your past, how many friends you have, or how much money you make, they only thing that they concern themselves with is the way you love them. The love between a dog and a human is so unconditional and with every puppy my eyes wander upon, I can sense that love.

The way a baby grasps your index finger with their entire hand, and looks up at you causing a sense of need to linger in the air. The way the explore their surroundings with their eyes, the way they squirm when they are trying to get comfortable, and the way they wail with everything in their being, yet they hardly produce any sound. Babies are brought into this world as such pure beings and the way they need you is powerful. While holding a precious baby the comforting feeling that sweeps my soul is indescribable. Abundant joy radiants from babies, I see them glow with happiness and it is so contagious. Everything about how a baby gets through everyday life is so intriguing. I am quick to observe, because of the way the thoughts going through my head disappear and suddenly focus on the way a miniscule human makes its way through the course of life. Being near a baby is so humbling for me and rapidly puts my mind at ease.

Sounds of music carry themselves through the air and to my ears and as it makes its way to my mind I breathe slower and I am pleased with the sound. My mind focuses on the lyrics, and the way the notes express themselves throughout the song. I hear every note: half notes, whole notes, quarter notes, eighth notes. I close my eyes and feel the music as it flows through the air, the same way a liquid spreads itself out over a flat surface. The sounds my ears love fill my room and I remember how not to think. My mind stops working as I listen to the music. As my ears fill with sounds I love, I remember how to relax.

As I approach the beach I can hear the way the waves sound when they are carrying themselves back to the shoreline. As I watch the waves, I feel peace floating in the air, the sound of the waves allow me to dissolve the worries in my mind. The waves transfer themselves back to the ocean, and they take my thoughts with them; my mind feels free. My toes traipse through the microscopic grains of sand. Everything about a beach is relaxing, from the waves, to the sand, and the way the sun sets over the beach. As the sun goes down it applies a blanket of vibrant, yet delicate, colors covering the water. Maybe it’s the colors at the beach, or the sounds I hear when I am roaming the shore, or the way the sand feels as my toes sink into it, whatever it is, at a beach my thoughts disappear. 

Let the things you love fill your mind with peace, always.

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