Terrible Pets

March 7, 2017
By anastasiaE BRONZE, Caen, Other
anastasiaE BRONZE, Caen, Other
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“Crick! Crick!” insects were making noise. Billy couldn't sleep, but surprisingly not because the insects but because he was scared. Scared of getting a bad grade in math. His mum told him that if he has another bad grade she would throw the insects out. Oh wait! I forgot to mention: the insects were his!!! He was really attached to them. He didn't have many friends so all he did was play with his insects. One thing he loved to do is pet his fluffy tarantula while looking at her four beautiful eyes.

    Billy's mum hated insects so she barely went in his room.
Two weeks ago she got really angry at billy for not eating his broccoli, she almost threw his insects but she was too afraid and Billy almost chocked to death while eating play-doh.

     (Uh I don't understand this kid either).

He had a tough life, he had to take care of each insects and he had so many you wouldn't be able to count them and sometimes they got sick.

    Finally the next day arrived it was a normal day at school except or the math test, it was hard. After school he rushed up the stairs at his house to see his insects and before he could enter the room his mum shouted, “BILLY! Come we have a new neighbor say hi to her?!”. Billy disliked having new neighbors at this point because every time he had a new neighbor and became nice friends with them they would eventually leave the town. He finally went down stairs. His face was grumpy. He looked pretty annoyed. It wasn't the best first impression for the neighbor.

“Come help her move her boxes at her new house and start to get to know each other,” Billy's mum said while winking at him. He was embarrassed.

     Billy stared at her. He stared at her for so long his eye started twitching.

“Um hello,” said the girl a bit creeped  out, “ I'm Martha what about you ? ”

“I'm Billy.” Billy was kind of shy and introverted. He didn't socialize that much. He was just speechless. “Nice to...” Billy's grandpa cut her off and yelled “BILLY FREE ICE CREAM IN THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!GET SOME FOR ME RIGHT NOW!”

Martha added “Oh, um, sir, that is not an ice cream truck. It's a moving  van,” Billy's grandpa got really angry. For a Santa
Claus-looking grandpa he was really rude.

       Billy and Martha talked. Billy asked Martha a question that he never asked to anyone before because he was too scared to admit he liked insects and treated them as his kids. He said, “ Martha, do you like insects  or are you scared of them, because I have some at home if you wanna play ?”

Martha replied right away, “ I love them. I thought I was the weird one, and sure, I can come over.” Billy was really happy for the first time. He had made a good friend that accepted him for what he is and what he likes.
                                                Six months later
                                                         . . .
- “I'm sorry miss we couldn't help him”

- “What? What happened to Billy please tell me?!”

- “That spider was really quite deadly…”

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