Lock Down

March 6, 2017
By TryHardNinja BRONZE, BELDING, Michigan
TryHardNinja BRONZE, BELDING, Michigan
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If there is nothing to survive for, why survive? if there is nothing to live for, why live? It is like having a birthday party with no one there, what's the point? I wish I was dead, but I'm not.Not now at least. Once infected you are no longer human. You're a brain dead beast who feeds on your own kind. There are so many things I wish I could have done before this happened, but is too late for me. There is no hope. I am doomed.

The morning air smells normal in New York. The smell of all the  same restaurants starting to cook there food. A normal day. So, I put on my suit and get my bag ready for work in the I.T department. Putting on my normal cologne. Look in the mirror before I leave for the big city again. My life is simple. My my name, state name here, is simple. My house with the simple fence is simple., My car and even my job is simple.
My eyes hurt from the bright sun light as if they’ve been stung by a bee. I try to ignore them, but every two seconds I would blink and water would stream from them like spouts.
I get in my car two cop cars and ambulances drive pass heading towards the airport. My phone beeps in the left pocket of my jacket. A alert from the news saying that Manhattan is under lockdown.
Lockdown? I wondered.
I look up as everyone looks at there phones something's not right today all the cars on the road start to slow down the whole city was in shock.
All people wondering why the greeter at the building closed my car door for me waiting for answers I went to the news app.. Live emergency alert,
“There is a virus going around scientist believe it is a mixture between rabies and ebola”.
My heart dropped like a person finding out there family member just died. Today was definitely not normal,
“Stay indoors at all time that is all the information we can provide for now”.
I still had to get my meds from the pharmacy. Deciding whether or not to get out of my car. I stopped panicking for a second to see if I was dreaming  by pinching my forearm, but I wasn't taking a moment to think I realized that I should get going. I got out my car and looked around the screaming and yelling penetrated my ears like I  just came into a  new world. The traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see more and more cop cars rolled by. For some odd reason I felt the need to walk the way of the cop cars. I needed to get to the pharmacy for my meds which was at least seven blocks down, so I started to run down the street towards the way the cops were heading.

I could already feel myself losing my breath and getting weak the asthma a curse by time I was about three blocks down almost gasping for air. There were people running towards my direction screaming in terror and another person not running but chasing. His eyes were white and it had a smear of blood on its face, a young woman was trying to get out of her car when she was grabbed and slammed to the ground by the him and he bit her neck without hesitation. Knowing I had to run but still concerned about my medicine I'm sprinting down the block again trying not to breath hard. Something I noticed the woman was not dead! She got up but something was wrong her eyes were white and her neck was still bleeding with horror. She looked at me and started sprinting.
I ran as fast as I could into a thrift shop near buy and hid under the counter. Peaking my head over the corner it was standing right there looking around I put my head back down thinking about what I should do. After about ten minutes of thinking finally looking again she was gone, wandering around the shop I grabbed some allergy medicine and a snickers bar and sat down. This was all too real I just wanted it to end but it wasn't a dream the virus was real and I just witnessed it being spread. The air felt cold on my skin my head felt light like a balloon I opened the snicker bar and ate it. Thinking that the commercials were true “your not you when you're hungry.” It helped but it didn't change the fact that I needed my medicine. Looking  under the cash register I found a loaded 44 magnum with a clip of ammo next to it.

Grabbing the gun knowing that this is what it might come to I attach it to the belt of my pants. I unlock the top of the thrift shop door and slowly make my way outside the street is abandoned and only the sound of screaming and sirens are heard  farther down. Something catches my eye A man standing in the middle of the road back turned to me. Dumb of me but I walked up to him and tap his shoulder,” are you ok sir he turns around his face covered in blood his eyes white as the moon. He groans at me and trys lunging forward I pull out the gun and before he tries biting my the trigger pulls and the man falls to the ground. What did I just do asking myself murder it can't be he was no longer human he was infected. I knew at this point what I must do leave the city but how the whole city was on lockdown no one can leave.

Too much to think about I need to get out of the open, a person in a building near by calls out.
“Hey you up here come through the back”.
“I stare shocked but amazed at the timing running towards the building and to the back door”.
The door whips open and the man says,
“Let me see your eyes”.
I take my hand and pull my eye wide the man unlocks the door and it opens it. ¨Your lucky hurry come quick¨.
The man closes the door and barricades it up again.
¨My name is William Smith, and yours.”
I stand in shock but quickly answer.
“Well nice to meet you!”¨
.What's going on around here why is the city on lockdown? I had already knew the answer to this question but maybe he would have more information.
¨Some type of infection going around making us turn into monsters, It's only spread by the infected biting you.”
On the radio they said there sending helicopters to come and pick up survivors off the roof tops”.
”They didn't say.”
So we're stuck here till they bring the helicopters.
”Yeah, and I forgot to get groceries so all I have is water”.
“So now we have to wait to help gets here and we don't have any food,” saying this with a straight face.
So we are going to have to go back out there with the infected. He doesn't answer but instead sits down on a ripped up chair and picks up a beer bottle and swigs it down.
”You're lucky to be alive or at least not infected, And yes we will have to go out there sometime but right now just chillax”.
“There's Tmart nearby they have food and medicine there maybe you can find something there”.
You’re not going?
I look at him like a deer with headlights and walk towards the door.
“Don't die”.
As I start to question this man's humanity, I look through the peephole and unlock the bolts the door walking into the abyss.
The alley was empty like before, but I could see figures and the end of it in the street. I could already tell they were not human so pulled out my gun and walked slowly down the alley. A can fell from a dumpster near by and suddenly they all looked at me. My heart started racing and my lungs started becoming short of breath. The infected were running right towards me, quickly pulling the trigger hitting one of them in the head and it fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Clicking the chamber down I fired and this time I missed they were getting closer now I could here there beating footsteps. This time I took my time to shoot and the bullet went clean between their heads and saving a bullet the infected were both down. I needed to hurry now because after seeing this they must be attracted to noise somehow. I got to the end of the alley and as I got to the end a horde of people were gathered at the end of the street. They were no people they were all infected monsters wandering upon the day. Figuring that being in plain sight wasn't the best idea I lurked down the street hoping they wouldn't see me. Instead one of them turned around and made a loud moan all of the other looked I was screwed.

Once all of them joined in they all started running for me, I looked around for somewhere to go. I could here the fleet of foot steps trampling behind me I was like a turtle running as fast as I could. Going past a gas station I saw what I must do taking the 44 magnum out of my belt I shot the nearest gas pump. A giant explosion bursted into the air and I was thrown back at hitting the hood of a nearby car. My back hurt as if I had been shot and my pant leg was ripped and a huge wound bleeding on the side of my thigh. At least there were no more infected as far as I could see. Now I could barely run staggering trying to stand up this was even more reason that I had to get to the Tmart. Taking a ripped part of my suit coat I wrapped it around my open wound. The fire by the gas station blinded my eyes and bodies lay on the ground like a minefield. Knowing I had to get there even faster now more infected probably saw the explosion. The store was visible from my position by time is half way there I felt light headed and my body burned. Finally arriving to the empty parking lot there were infected lurking nearby so I snuck by them not making any noise. Stuff was knocked on the floor and the lights flickered like a haunted house. Hurting I ran to the back of the store and grabbed a emergency inhaler from the pharmacy section. Looking around finally I found a first aid kit and a healing agent. I took the ripped clothing off covered in blood putting the healing cream on the wound.

Feeling relieved that the pain was starting go away I grabbed a bundle of spoons and a snack pack and ate it up. My hunger seemed to go away for now so I focused on the task ahead which was to get out of the city. I looked on my phone now the screen was shattered going to my notifications. The emergency app said that every person get on there roofs emergency aircraft will be in the area in 1 hour. That was 30 minutes ago I knew now more than ever I needed to hurry before it was too late. Quickly grabbing a backpack and the healing agent a water bottle. It hurt to stand up the pain in my back and leg hurt less but still painful. Struggling less I made my way out the door the sun was now setting. The parking lot was empty the infected were no longer there. They were probably heading towards the faint screaming I felt bad for whoever it was. Deciding where to go I went back to the way I came.

Finally reaching the alley the body's still lay on the ground but this time the door was wide open. I crept in like a snake and the figure was biting the man I shot my gun point blank hitting the infected in the arm. It turned and jumped at me falling to the ground and my gun slide over in a corner. I was holding it back mouth foaming I turned my head looking for something to grab a beer bottle laid on the ground. I gripped the beer bottle with fury bashing its head like a punching bag. The infected fell back I crawled over to my gun and shot him in the head. Getting on my feet I walking over to William his eyes opened white, Knowing what I must do I chambered my gun and shot him. Not feeling bad for what I did because he was better off dead than infected and alive.

I left his house and looked around I could hear helicopters, climbing the ladder as I proceeded to top of the building. Looking down there was a horde of infected roaming and heading into the alley. My heart raced and I needed them to see me there was already other helicopters picking up people. I shouted at the top of my lungs and waved my hands. One of them spotted me, relieved the pilot was heading my direction. The helicopter lowered down and two marines had automatic rifles pointed at me.
“Show me your eyes”.
I opened my eyes wide,”He's clear get him and let's go”.
I jumped on the helicopter. As soon as I did I could see the infected climbing up the building I was just in time.
” You're lucky to be alive”.
“Not for long the president just gave confirmation there launched a mini nuke”. Where I say.
I look out into the open a jet flies by dropping a black oval shaped bomb. As it hits the ground I hear the boom and a giant mushroom cloud flies into the air. The marine takes off his hat and puts his head down. I say to myself at least I made it this far and then everything was gone.

The author's comments:

My Story if you haven't noticed already is much like the movie world war Z.. No worry I have my own little touches. I did not tell the main character's name on purpose because that would give to much away about him after all he is normal right. I based my main character off of emmet from the lego movie because he's normal and has no friends. Thank your for reading my story and the ending is definitely not the end. Viruses never go away for ever. Oh and more explanatory viruses need a host to survive and this virus turns the humans into walking viruses.. And because they are virus they need to infect other people. Turning them into the infected.

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