A Night Hard to Remember

February 25, 2017
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A man, in his twenties, woke up on a strangely uncomfortable bed. He knew it was home. He looked around and saw a birthday cake and some balloons in his room. When he got up, his back was hurting. He looked at himself; he was wearing a strange outfit, like a white nightdress.
Then, he saw some needles in his arm, which would probably be the cause of him feelling disorientated. He opened the curtains and saw another man sleeping in his bedroom. He tried to wake him up, but he got no success. The guy looked like he was in a coma.
“What a hell of night that should have been, no wonder I don’t remember any of it.” – He thought.
He walked through the door into the hall, went down the stairs and entered the living room. There were a lot of people there, but only one caught up his attention, a beautiful blonde girl dressed as a nurse. He went talk to her.
“Mr. Fitzgerald!?” – She asked
“Mister? Nah, call me Johnny.” – He said.
“Ok, Johnny. What happened? You…” – She asked
“You don’t remember to, do you? I also don’t know, but it should have been a heck of a night?” – He said, interrupting her.
“Mr. Fitzgerald, I don’t know what you are talking about.” – She said. “But you have 77 years and Alzheimer, this is a mental hospital and you should go back to your bed, come, I’ll show you the way.”

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