The Question

February 27, 2017
By , Seattle, WA

The rain was beating against the window, and the light pitter-patter of each drop could be heard in the room that Phil was sitting in. Thinking very hard, he was not sure of what he could do.
“Shoot! How am I going to get there with no car?” he questioned himself.
Both, his mom and dad, had taken the cars for the day, and he was left at home, without a car and lacking the freedom to go where he wished to go. Phil pulled out his smart-phone and dialed. He sat and waits after a few rings…
“Mom, can you give me a ride to Becky’s house?”
“All the way in Tacoma?” she retorted.
“Phil, I don’t have the time for that; I am very busy at work and won’t be home until late at night. Ask Dad…”
Knowing that his dad was always busy, Phil did not bother to call him, so he decided to continue sitting there to think of what he could possibly do. The rain was still beating against the window.
After quietly sitting in his room, he found a way to get to Becky’s house! Eager to go, he whipped out his phone and sent out the request, gathered his stuff, and sat outside his house waiting patiently.
Shortly after, a car rolled up with its windows down, “Are you Phil?”
“Yup that’s me!” he replied as he approached the car and getting in.
“So how’s your day been?”
“Eh, it’s been alright. My parents are busy and couldn’t take me to where I want to go, and I want to see this girl; she’s the greatest person ever: nice, pretty...perfect. You know what I mean?”
“Yeah man, totally. It seems like you really like this girl.”
“You don’t even know” he responds with a slight laugh.
“So how long do you think it’ll take?”
“Hm, about 35 minutes, 45 with traffic. Why, are you in a rush?”
With a hopeful look, Phil looks at the driver, “Can you get there in less than that? Some--”
“Well, you should have said that earlier!” the driver replies cutting his sentence off.
All of a sudden, Phil was pressed against his seat, and with the accelerator pressed to the floor, the driver was weaving in and out of traffic and quickly moving toward Phil’s destination.
Panicking, Phil screams, “SLOW DOWN! You’re going to get us killed!”
The rain smashes against the windshield, making loud knocks against the glass.
“Don’t worry Phil, we’ll be fine. Driving on a racetrack once technically makes me a racecar driver…you are in safe hands.”
“I want to make it there alive! Not frightened and nearly dead!”
The driver ignores him, and the speedometer on the car continues to go higher and higher. Phil could see the cars around him zooming behind him, and the sounds of the raindrops were getting louder and louder.
Tires squeal and a loud “BANG” goes off. Everything was dark and silent, except for the rain that continues to drop; this time, it was not as loud but rather soft and quiet. In the distance, sirens approach…and among the wreckage, a poster lays soaked in the rain that reads, “Becky, will you go to prom with me?”

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