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February 23, 2017
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Nate and Nathan reached the end of the line. They were both thrown out of their houses, homeless, hungry, and broke. Not only that, but they were also in debt. Their lives were going down the drain. How were they going to escape this hell? Vegas. As broke as these brothers were, they were underratedly some of the most brilliant people in this day in age. Of all things they failed at, counting cards in blackjack was a hobby they had, dating back to their mischievous days in high school.  A few loans here and a few loans there got them a one-way ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. Nathan brought out a deck of cards, and off they went, each taking turns practicing the counting of the cards, concentrating hard not to lose count. They had one mission in mind: Win as much money as possible. They spent three days locked up n a room rehearsing over and over the situation which they would soon find themselves in. Day and night they did not stop counting cards. On the fourth day, as dusk was just settling in, they were ready. Nathan and Nate headed to The Venetian, the largest, most notorious casino in Sin City. As they gathered around the table, the dealer dealt them their cards. The game of blackjack had begun. Nate and Nathan’s eyes, narrowed in concentration, followed each and every card dealt, assigning each and every card a value. And boy, were they good. 100 thousand, 200 thousand, 300 thousand…on an on, they just kept winning. But there was one flaw in their plan. People began to notice their streaks of success. The dealer thought, “How strange it is, that these two gentlemen keep winning.” Discreetly, he summoned the security guards. But neither Nathan nor Nate noticed anything out of the ordinary, for they were locked in concentration in their game. But the security guards did not care. Nathan and Nate were suddenly grabbed front the back of their necks and dragged ruthlessly through the staring eyes of the casino. Out into the alley the guards dragged poor Nate and Nathan, ready to suffer the consequences. And they were never heard from again.   

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