February 23, 2017
By ashmu BRONZE, Atlanta , Georgia
ashmu BRONZE, Atlanta , Georgia
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School had ended for the day. The young boy quickly hurried out of class. He could not wait until he got home, for the rest of his day was free. When he got home, he dashed into his room and pulled out his favorite object: a baseball. There was nothing he loved more than playing with his beloved baseball, and there was nothing he was better at than throwing and catching a baseball. Out in the field he went, for hours and hours, throwing his baseball up and down, catching it with such concentration, not giving a damn about homework. Meanwhile, the day was slowly passing by. As the sun set and darkness came creeping in, the boy continued playing with the ball. Along with the sun left the light, and the boy’s vision was obscured. But he did not care. Nothing could stop him from being with his love. As he threw the ball high into the air, it did not come down, or at least, he did not think so. The boy glanced towards the heavens, in search of his baseball. All of a sudden, with a thump, the ball attacked the boy right at his head.  

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