Bad Romance

February 22, 2017
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Relationships are bound to end sooner or later. But if it doesn’t, then you have a good relationship with your partner. So, if you know that you are not going to be with the person forever, then why do you do the things that you do? I have had that question in my mind since i came to high school. I see people everyday happy with someone they like or “love”. But what i hear is really interesting.We hear every once and awhile that people are doing really dumb things that will either humiliate them or get them in serious trouble. People take and send pictures everyday. Some of those could change their lives forever.

     It was a bright and beautiful day. Schools was great, I got all of my work done.At this moment life was good. I got home around 9 o’clock that evening, I felt like a ran 25 miles, i was so tired. After i have gotten comfortable, I got a phone call. When i answered it was a sound of a broken heart. The sound of a small mouse on the side of the street crying. It was my best friend Lanya. “ I made a big mistake.” She said. I asked what was it. She told that she has been dating a 17 year old. I told her that she was crazy. I have a group of friends with a lot of problems and they are mainly about boys. This one was the worst of all.

       At this time lanya was a trainwreck. We were in middle school when this happened. It wasn’t illegal, but it was a really bad idea. She loved him or she thought she did. He had asked her for inappropriate pictures. Luckily she didn’t give them to him. He was telling people not go near her, and he told them that she had STD’s.They called her names. This was the worst week of her life. She felt like the world was against her. But I told her that things will get better and to never and i mean never let any of this get to you, no matter what they say.

      She took my advice even though it killed her inside to her all the things people were saying about her. Things started to die down after a few weeks. Lanya kept a smile on her face and went on about her business. She would never forget how this made her feel. We make mistakes everyday and we learn from them. This was a huge mistakes that she made and trust me she learned a valuable lesson from it. Someone that you are dating might tell you that they love you and that they would do anything for you but you can’t always believe them. The moment you say no to something, that’s when they start to regret you. They start doing things that will humiliate you and hurt you all because you refused to do something that they wanted, But this is not always the case. Don’t do anything that you don’t want to do or you think you have to do because honestly you don’t have to do it.

    My message to every girl and boy in the world is that no matter how bad things get just know someone loves you. You  should always keep in your mind that you are not what people say you are and that you should always listen to what people say about you because they have no idea who you are and what you do.

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