frist time playing football

February 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Karamba Kaba: The smell of the field the loud crowds the fans screaming the brotherhood. I went to public elementary school in a town called Ypsilanti I was  5 years old. One day my dad came and picked me up we went to his house and i was scrolling through the TV i saw a sport that i fell in love with.  it was called Football. i told my dad that i want to play this sport.  he looked at me and asked me am i sure ? said Ya !! i can do that.

So the next morning we went to the school and enrolled me into flag football. touching that ball made me into a different kid. I ran the ball i was faster than half the kids that was on my team. Finally I turn 7 years old. I was eligible to play tackle football my dad talked to me for hours and hours if i'm ready.” He said son are you ready to man up and play real football” i said yes. We went and sign up for the Ypsilanti Braves i was on the Pee Wee team. I was sacred at first to get hit but i loved the game we pratice and pratice i was getting better. Then the early bright saturday morning was our first game  my mom grandmother was there they kick the ball off to us. Everything in slow motion  of me running on the field the crowd yelling yayyyyyy!!!!! They hand off the ball to me i ran with all my speed i scored my first touch down. The announcer said touchdown scored by Karamba Kaba !!! i was so happy my family was happy and cheering the crowd was cheering.  I was heading home a   coach stopped my mother and told her that “You're son is an outstanding football player” That motivated me to become a better football player.  The next morning i came out and i worked harder than everybody on the team the motivation.

I remember playing in a game and i got taken out and i felt bad  cause i think that i played wrong. And went home i just didn't want to play football any more. But the motivation  grinded me to play better.

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