By the sea

February 19, 2017
By Anielas SILVER, Nyack, New York
Anielas SILVER, Nyack, New York
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We danced around the rustling tan sand dunes, blades of grass twirling like the frayed  crimson ribbons in your long black hair. My steps were clumsy, bare feet knocking against each other with fatigue, but yours were as graceful and free as the wind on a warm summer night. The sea stretched out before us, a soupy pale orange in the faint beginnings of twilight. Water reached up and spattered out freckled faces with salt, while you laughed into the emptiness and your voice echoed for miles. My faded bikini top had filled with sand and small rocks, which rubbed uncomfortably against my skin as I ran as fast as I could (desperate to keep up with your frenzied footsteps). We glided across the sand for what seemed like miles before you flopped onto the shifting ground. You weren’t even breathing hard, but your grey eyes glowed with a wild and feverish energy that can only seen in a person who is truly free, unhinged from the oppressive standards of society. The wind slowed; the ocean grew still. Above us, the stars were just beginning to creep into the inky sky. Your hair was frizzy with saltwater, a corona of curls drifting around your face and seeming to defy every law of gravity. The last remains of the glowing sun disappeared from the sky. 

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