February 13, 2017
By JaviV BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JaviV BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The rain continues to fall on top of Adam as he cycles home, the one thing he hates about his hometown of Chari. The wet summers. He didn’t mind so much that almost every aspect of life was controlled by the government and jobs taken over by bots simply because it was cheaper and more efficient than manual human labor. These new advancements of technology led to a high unemployment rate. However, to counteract the unemployment, the Chari government provided it’s citizens homes. But all other life necessities had to be attained on one’s own.
Adam sees lightning strike down near him and feels the vibration. His curiosity drives him to the spot of impact, resting next to a split is a monitor bot. The town of Chari relies heavily on these monitor bots for law enforcement, standing well over 7 feet tall and made out of Chari’s own mined steel. Adam kneels next to the bot and sees that the bot is missing the yellow glow in the eyes that all of these bots have. Adam takes a quick look around to see if any bots or people are watching, quickly seeing nothing around he moves the bot into the back of his bike’s basket. People mock Adam for having a large basket with his small bike, but tonight his basket will help him carry this bot home. He throws his jacket over the bot in a feeble attempt to conceal it. He folded the monitor bot at the joints as much as he could. Adam bikes away.
Upon getting home Adam struggles to get the bot in his house. As he enters, the cleaning bot on wheels rushes to him to scrub the trail of mud his boots have tracked into the home. Adam moves the monitor into his basement and opens the back of the monitor bot, exposing the circuits and computer system that operates the monitor bots, also a federal offense to tamper the bot. In the case that a citizen finds a malfunctioned bot, the Chari Department of Law must be immediately notified. Adam being the curious young man he is, always wanted to create a new bot to experiment with. He worked the circuits and connected the bot to a computer.
After refunctioning the bot, Adam powers on the monitor. A light blue glow in the bot’s eyes appear and it observes its surrounding. “What is this?” the bot asks. “You’re a monitor bot, the lightning caused your circuits to short and you broke down, i fixed you,” Adam replied. “What’s a monitor bot?” asks the bot. “It’s alot to explain, I’m repurposing you,” Adam replies. The bot finds its way to its feet and looks around. “Watch it, you’re still plugged in, that’s how you’re retaining some files such as basic functions, the history of Chari along with whatever files you may still have,” says Adam. The bot pauses as it goes through the files it has left. “I’ll leave you to figure what you know and don’t know. Goodnight Bot,” Adam says. “How do you know my night will be good?” asks Bot. “ It’s just a common courtesy thing, like telling somebody to have a good day. It’s a human thing,” answers Adam. “Goodnight Bot,” “Goodnight Human,” “My name is Adam,” “Well Bot would like to wish Adam a goodnight,” “thanks,” Adam laughs. Adam leaves the bot in the basement.
The next morning Adam wakes up to a pleasant smell of food. He walks down to the basement only to find an unplugged computer and no bot. Adam goes to the kitchen and sees both his cooking bot and the monitor that he found the previous night. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for humans,” the monitor says. “Thanks, I’m guessing you did research on common human characteristics and facts?” Adam asked. “Correct,” the monitor replied.
“So what do you know now?” Adam asked. “Well to start, I am a monitor bot, created in Chari out of metal produced in Doulon,” “Doulon, What’s Doulon?” Adam interrupted. “Doulon is a town just outside of Chari, the population consists of criminals and people who are against the Chari government. The Chari government sends those people there to make them work until they drop,” Bot replied. “So they’re slaves?” Adam asked. “You could call them that, yes.” the bot responded.
“Adam, you have a name, what is my name?” the bot suddenly asked. “Um, I don’t know. Bots aren’t given names. For now I guess I’ll call you Bot,” Adam answered. Bot stood quietly and Adam grabbed his boots and started to put them on. “Where are you going Adam?” “I’m going downtown and You’re coming with me. People need to know about Doulon,” “Adam, Doulon is a suppressed secret of the Chari Government. If you expose the secret, the consequences will result in you being a laborer or killed!” Bot exclaimed. “Bot, I appreciate your concern but the people need to know about Doulon, even if it costs me my freedom or life,” Adam remarked.
Adam ran back to his room and looked through his government-provided room. He paced back and forth thinking of what other things the government could be hiding. He didn’t know if he felt betrayed or if this was for his own good. He debated long and hard if this was really his duty to let the people know, he already knew what would happen if he went to the podium downtown where speeches were given by government officials and tell the truth himself. “I’m not going to let these people be lied to,” Adam said to himself. “And Bot will help Adam.” Bot said, peeking in from the doorway. “Thanks Bot, but I don’t know what much you can do to help. You’re a free bot now, you can do what you want,.” Adam replied. “But Bot can help Adam, and that is what Bot wants. Adam saved Bot. Bot is free now. Bot owes his or her,” Bot stopped. “Adam, is Bot male, or female?” Bot inquired. “ Well, bots don’t have genders. But your eyes don’t have the yellow and the glow became blue, so I guess you’re a boy, Bot,”
The two shortly walked from Adam’s home and started making their way towards the downtown Chari area. “Bot has an inquiry as to how Bot can assist Adam in making the people of downtown aware,” Bot said. “How would that be?” Adam asked as he looked up to bot. “Well the projectors around the city could be controlled from a power box that is downtown. So Bot could assist Adam in making the people aware by broadcasting Adam across the city,” “Bot that’s great! How can we do that!?” Adam excitedly asked. “There is a camera in front of the podium that is always there, Adam could use that camera while Bot connects it to all of downtown, enabling adam to be seen all around Chari,” Bot explained. “Let’s make our way then,” Adam stated.
As the pair arrived downtown, Adam spotted the camera pointed in the direction of the podium. The podium was monitored by two armed monitor bots. “Bot, I need you to knock out one of those monitors,” Adam said. “But attacking those monitors is a criminal offense Adam, Bot is not a  criminal,” “Hot wiring the entire city is a criminal offense Bot!” “Adam is correct,” Bot said as he ran and charged down a monitor bot, knocking its spear out of its hands. Adam sprinted and scooped the spear, before the other monitor could attack Adam, he pierced the chest of the monitor, causing a city wide alarm. “ATTENTION, THERE HAS BEEN AN ASSAULT ON A MONITOR BOT IN THE DOWNTOWN PODIUM! ALL MONITORS REPORT IMMEDIATELY!” blared the P.A. “ Bot we need to hurry!” Adam yelled. As Bot ran to the power box, Adam aligned the camera to face him.
Bot started his work on the power box, however, in the distance Adam could see a horde of monitor bots racing towards Adam’s direction. “Bot we’re running out of time!” Adam yelled to Bot. “Bot is almost done Adam,” Bot remarked. As Adam powered on the camera, he saw his image on a nearby screen from a store. “EVERYBODY!!!” Adam yelled to the camera. “CHARI IS A LIE, THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU! CRIMINALS AREN’T JUST SENT TO PRISON AND SHORTLY RELEASED, THEY’RE ENSLAVED IN DOULON FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!” Adam yelled before being struck by a pole from a monitor bot. Bot then tackled the monitor. Adam quickly regained his footing and yelled to the camera. “DOULON IS A TOWN OUTSIDE OF CHARI WHERE THE ORE NEEDED TO MAKE ALL THESE BOTS IS MINED! THE ONLY WAY TO END THIS IS TO STAND UP AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT!” Adam yelled as he saw Bot fighting off the other monitors. Adam then got struck down by another monitor. Adam looked over to Bot. Adam then spotted Bot being held down by two monitors. “Bot, your name is Hope,” Adam said weakly. These were his last words before being struck down. Bot looked at Adam’s body, his blue eyes then went black.

The author's comments:

This was an idea I had one day when I was bored at work! Chari is a Greek word that translates to Grace, which the city Chari is anything but. Doulon comes from the greek word doulos which translates to slave.

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