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February 13, 2017
By freddyytr BRONZE, Austin, Texas
freddyytr BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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It was a cloudy day, little rain and Dys has been working with his dad all day at the tire shop. They work their hardest everyday and always come home tired but still get paid the equal amount as a person bagging groceries down the street in the corner. That’s how the government is now, many people worked hard for it to be like how it is but others aren't to happy.
Dys and his father, who’s name is Salchi are really tired of how the government is paying their citizens and treating them. The government thinks otherwise, they believe that what they're doing is perfect and believe that everyone should be payed equal evan how hard one person works compared to another. Many people who are in the government have tried changing the ways they run things but they always end up disappearing without no trace. Many people believe the government kills them, but they always say that it was caused by suicide or natural causes. The government always finds a way to keep things how they are because of how equal it is. Also another thing they got rid of is championships and competition because it was “unfair” to people who wanted to compete so they just gave everyone medals. Also another thing the government changed was taking all firearms from citizens and retired soldiers to keep the country more “safe” so now the only people with weapons was the government.
Dys has a plan to change all of this and turning against the government. He wants to do something big that the government will fall and have to pay attention to its citizens. Dys knows that without the people in the society their wouldn't be a society so he has to get everyone on his side to betray the government. Many other citizens have tried planning and gathering others to help change the government but as always they always get hunted down and taken out by the government before anyone knows the main plan. But now, Dys has a big plan and there is no way the government can stop him. He has gathered all his family and friends and many other gatherers he has found. His plan is very dangerous, but he plans to secure the world and protect it for the future of the human race. He plans to attack a military base and after that take over many major cities and further on to the main people in the government.

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