The Past Has Passed

February 13, 2017
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The Past Has Passed
She stood in the center of the field, harsh wind blasting through her lengthy locks as the trees shook with bitter cold. Frigid air stung the tips of her fingers and the tip of her nose, chilling her down to the bone. Moonlight peered through the massive, murky clouds, shining weak rays of light across her pale skin. Stars were stretched and scattered across the sky, shining luminously upon the earth. The soft cry of a bird rang in the distance as the rapsky echo of the wind tickled her ears. Leaves grasped onto their branches like a child to their mother, frantically clutching for safety. The taste of fall danced on her tongue, teasing her tastebuds. Isolated in the field, she was enveloped in the vast darkness of the night.
Wandering without direction, her thoughts traveled backwards--to an unreachable time. She could remember the countless days she spent with her mother in this field, laughing and talking and dancing in the spring breeze. They would stroll through the towering grasses of green, picking pink painted flowers with their fingers intertwined. They would giggle with glee, enjoying each other’s company under the bright, glittering sun. They would simply be happy. Her mother’s smile would bloom with happiness whenever she laughed, enlivening the day. The two were enclosed in a world of their own--they were inseparable.
Back then, she was happy. Back then, she was free. But, time withered her mother’s soul, and the brightness of her smile and the sparkle in her eyes soon faded to a weakened wisp of light, becoming darker everyday. She was broken. As each year passed, small pieces of the caring person she had known to love were stolen to a faraway place. When her mother finally slipped away, she desperately grasped onto every memory, but they escaped anyways. She spent days, months, and years wishing for a chance to visit the past, just one moment to remember. But, without her mother, she found herself in a world of darkness and sorrow--unable to reach the past.

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