February 13, 2017
By , Stuttgart, Germany

The little boy was trying to run away from the darkness, trying to run away from the people chasing him, the people he couldn’t see. He was running, running so fast he thought his lungs would tear apart. He didn’t even know where he was, or who or why these people were chasing him. All he knew was that he had to be faster than them. He noticed that he was in a very strange, very scary place. He couldn’t see anything. It was all dark. Pitch black dark. He didn’t know how he got there. As he kept running, he almost felt like he was shrinking, while his pursuers were growing.
It felt like they were gaining on him. He could hear them from behind and he could hear them get louder and louder as they ran closer and closer. They were yelling at him, in jeering, loud voices. He put his hands up over his ears. He didn’t like the yelling, or the things that they were yelling at him. But he could still hear them. They were so loud, he couldn’t block them, couldn’t escape from them. He closed his eyes but when he did, he saw messages and words everywhere, like graffiti in his head. The words in his head were even more frightening than the words his chasers were screaming at him. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in an alley...with a dead end.
He stopped running and looked behind him to face his pursuers. As they approached him, he tried to make out their faces but even from the dim streetlights, he couldn’t. He could only see human shapes, big ones, surrounding him. He could hear their laughter, their terrible, terrible laughter. One of the figures slowly walked towards him. The little boy backed up against the wall. “Ha ha ha!” the looming figure laughed, “Nowhere to run now, you little s***!” It punched the boy right in the gut. The impact knocked the wind out of him. As he fell to the ground, a loud cheer rang out from the crowd of dark spectres that had miraculously multiplied in mere seconds. They pounced on him, punched him, kicked him, pulled out his hair. The cheering, yelling, laughing all mixed with the warm blood that was gushing on his face. He closed his eyes and wished to be somewhere safe. He wished it with his heart and soul.
When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find that his attackers were gone. In fact, he was no longer in the alley. He was in a living room, lying on a couch. The little boy couldn’t believe that his wish had been granted. He was somewhere safe. Suddenly, he heard someone yelling. Actually, he heard two people yelling, yelling at each other, and it was coming from upstairs. One of the voices was a screaming woman’s voice, and the other’s was a barking man’s voice. The yelling was just as terrible. In fact, even more so. Even though it wasn’t directed at him, for some reason the yelling bothered him. It made him sad. Very sad. And scared. The little boy closed his eyes.  He wished they would stop. He wished there was something that he could do to make them stop. He opened his eyes. He was outside again, on some street corner. Unfortunately, that was the wrong place for him to be.
“There he is!” someone screamed. He turned and saw the gang of dark figures coming for him again. He ran down the street again, ducked into an alley and hid behind a dumpster. He waited until his chasers ran past him. He slowed his breathing down a little. How did I get here? How did I wind up in this scary place? The little boy wondered. As he thought this, he felt a warm ray of light. He looked up and saw another boy who looked just like him only he was wearing white clothes. The light seemed to be coming from him, giving him a soft but bright glow. The little boy stared in awe. The glowing boy smiled and gave something to the little boy. Seeing it gave him a sudden shock of deja vu. As he took the small device, he remembered everything. He remembered the heaviness of it, how cold it felt in his fingers, and was amazed at how much power it held. The little boy looked up and remembered how he got to where he was. He stood up, took the little angel’s hand, and flew away. 

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