It Happens

February 13, 2017
By , NYC, NY

July 2014

Crystal blue eyes set the tone for my imagination as I slipped into a kaleidoscope of shades. Smoke filled my brain, at first cushioning, then strangling it, while lights flashed black and white and black and white and… There was no sound, no noise. The clouds fell from the sky drowning me in fluff. My mind was gone, my mouth was locked, but my eyes, the black holes inside my eyes swallowed everything. So that the melted gold that had been so perfectly smithed around her face was sucked up, the diamond frame that held those crystals were engulfed by me. Just the eyes remained. I took everything in, my black holes dilating as I stored and crushed each part of her into a memory… Then I faltered, the ground beneath me plunging as a vivid liquid rushed through the gaps in my reality. I tried to move forward, but fell down onto a bright green patch of cloth, like an island in a turbulent sea. A sea that I had just woken up in after a long dream, fancying I had been on land my whole life, but now knowing that for the first time I had been born adrift. And so I fell. And so I had a headache. And so I sat up. My back just to those crystal blue eyes. And I turned around because it was what I had to do. And I turned around because that’s what there  was left to do, and I said, “Hi.”
Then miraculously, beautifully, with just her crystal blue eyes, she said, “Hi.”
It was many days later that I realized I was nothing but a pair of eyes, too.

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