Kissing You

February 6, 2017

The packed circle of snow rushed past Jordan’s ear. Jordan and his friends were fighting the fight of their lives: a snowball fight between the hockey players, Jordan, and the basketball team. The fight started when one of the basketball team decided it would be a good idea to take on a hockey player in the snow, and threw a snowball. Then chaos ensued. Snow forts were hastily constructed, while piles of ammunition were created. Snowballs began to fly past. A stray snowball hit Jordan in the head, making him fall face first in snow.
Dazed and confused, Jordan picked himself up, dusted himself off, and realized that everything stopped. All his friends were frozen mid-motion. Jordan walked around, waving his arms in front of everyone, trying to wake them up. No reaction came from any person Jordan tried to wake. As Jordan walked around, he saw a figure walking towards him. It was a women, he could tell by the flowing dress swaying by her feet, and the crown that sat on her head and sparkled in the sun. The woman walked up to him, smiled, and said “I will see you again,” giving him a kiss on his lips.
Jordan opened his eyes and realized he was laying face first in the snow. He stood, nearly getting hit with snowball. There was no sign that the women had been there. But, every winter, Jordan always starts a snowball fight, trying to get knocked out by a snowball again.

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