Stop and Smell the Roses

February 6, 2017

Pt. 1
There was once a time where horses were meant for riding and for war. They weren’t kept simply for looks. But one day, a filly was born to a stud farm and she was thought to have the purest genes. Cream with a white mane. She had a lame leg, and could not walk without stumbling.  Her mother only nursed her until she could eat oats. So, this filly was cast out and locked inside the stable. The other horses mocked her for her beauty, yet disgrace. She was named Mallory because of her unluckiness. She grew up in the stable, hearing all of the other horses being ridden and roaming freely. Every now and then she’d hear her name, and she’d perk up at the hope of being let out, but to no avail the horses would just laugh. Being cooped up her whole life, her other legs became weak and struggled to carry her weight. Her creamy coat and mane became matted and muddy. And she was forgotten.

Pt 2.
Every day seemed the same, dark and lonely, until a small dove found it’s way into Mallory’s stable during a rainstorm. When she saw Mallory, she was frightened, unsure of what creature was in front of her.
“Oh, you frightened me! But what are you, if you don’t mind me asking? My name is Kit.” Asked the dove.

“Why, I’m a filly. Only, I think I am. That’s what I remember. Mallory. What are you?”

“A dove? You haven’t ever seen a dove whilst roaming the fields?”

“No, I only dream of it. Barely even that. You are a very funny looking creature.”

“I’m the funny looking one?” Kit laughed to herself, but then had an idea. “So you’ve been kept here all this time?”


“Why, I’ll help you get out, see there, I’ll just unlatch the door.” She flew to land on the handle. “Wait until you see the green grass, open fields, wildflowers, sunsets and sunrises!”
As she went on, Mallory was overwhelmed.
“..And of course the sunlight! Mallory you’ll love it.”

Mallory heaved and stood up, shaking. Her curiosity gave her strength.
“I’ll show you everything! We’ll be good friends I’m sure.” And with that, Kit unhitched the latch with her beak. Mallory pushed the door open with her nose, and looked around. It was still dark and rainy, and she was confused as to why this “sunlight” was not bright and beautiful. “Oh, this storm will pass” Kit assured her. And so Mallory then followed her with all of her might, limping down the road. With each step it seemed like the rain fell heavier and the mud became deeper. Mallory fell multiple times, only dirtying her appearance. When she stood up, she could not find Kit. “Over here!” Mallory stumbled over to some trees, following Kit’s voice.
“Kit? I can’t find you.” While searching for her friend, she became distracted when she saw a rose bush.The colorful buds stood out in the rain. Sniffing, she was entranced with this new experience. She did not know where Kit was, but in that moment she had forgotten all about her. She did not hear the trampling of horses or the shouting. And she barely felt the gunshot.

“What is this creature? It definitely isn’t game .” And they left her.

Kit forgot about her responsibility of watching Mallory,  and flew back to search for her. When she did, she hovered above the rose bush, wary of the thorns. “I’m sorry but you just weighed me down..”  Not realizing Mallory was dead, she kept talking. “I have to be on my way, I hope you’ll find this world exciting! But watch out for hunters in this kind of weather, and with your looks, they might mistake you for a deer. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Farewell!”

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