The Crash

February 6, 2017

  I couldn’t believe that Scott wasn’t here yet. We left at the same time, and it should only take 2 hours to get here. It has been almost 3 hours. The concert starts at 9, it is 7 now. I cannot miss the concert. Then I was getting a phone call, it was from Elsie, Scott’s mom. She started to explain what has happened. I just could not comprehend it at all, and all I knew is that I would not be going to the concert….

One day I was in my room looking on the internet for concerts that were nearby. I finally found one that was in Columbus. I went downstairs and asked my mom if I could go.
“Hey Mom, I have something to ask you”.
“Yes, honey”.
“Would it be okay if Scott, Jeffrey, and I went to a concert in Columbus?”
    “Yea right, Scott’s mom won’t let Scott go to that concert”.
“That’s what I thought too, so Jeffrey and I are going to his house to try and convince her, wait mom, it is okay if I go right?”
“Yes honey as long as you are careful”.
  Although I have always wanted to go to a concert, I can’t because all my friends can’t go, Scott’s mom gives  us the same answer,
     “Hey Scott and Jeffrey do you want to go to a concert this Friday?”
    “Yes, I can go”.
    “I’ll try and see what she says”.
    “Okay Scott beg if you have to”.
    “I will Octave”

We have been trying forever to convince her to allow him to go. We thought she might say yes this time because the concert was pretty close to town. We had no idea what she would say this time so, then I called Jeffrey.
“Hey Jeffrey are you home?”
“Yea, what do you need?”
“Let’s go to Scott’s and talk to his mom with him”.
“I am leaving my house now, so be ready”.
“I will, bye”.
So, when we walk into Scott’s house they were in the living room talking about going to the concert. I didn’t even say hi to his mom first, I just started in about the concert. You
“Elise come on you have to let him go; there won’t be one any closer than this one”.
“Yes, but how do you know nothing will happen Octave?”
“Elise we will be very careful”.
At first she looked at me funny and finally said, “Fine, I guess he can go”

I couldn’t help it, but I just started going crazy bouncing off the walls like I was 8 on a sugar rush. Jeffrey and I gave each other the best high-five ever. Scott leaped off the couch like a rabbit and jumped on me, because we were so excited. I went home later and my mom asked,
“So, what did she say?”
“Mom you’re not going to believe it, but she said, YES”!
“Good for Scott, I know you boys will have a great time”.
“I can’t wait”.
First, we had 3 days of school before the concert. All three of us were so excited that during each period we had a staring contest with the clock on the wall, counting down the minutes of every class. Then lunch came up and we all had lunch together and as soon as I looked at Scott in the hallway, I could see the look in his eyes, he couldn’t wait until Friday.
“I can’t wait for tonight, it is going to be the best time of my life”.
“Slow down Scott, we have to get there first”.
Then Octave chimed in, “By the way guys I have to drive separate because, I have practice after school”.
“ I will also have to drive separate because I have work right after school, and they wouldn’t let me take Friday off”.
“Okay I will drive separate also”.
After lunch, the first day, I could not focus on anything for the next two and half days.
Finally, it was seventh period, 2:43, Friday, Jeffrey and I had history together during seventh period.
“Make sure you hurry at work Jeffrey”.
“Trust me I will. Be quick at practice Octave”.
“Oh you don’t worry”.
As soon as that bell rang it was like the sound of heaven coming from the school bells. I ran to the gym as fast as I could. As I was running to gym I looked out the window and saw Jeffrey sprinting like a leopard to his car. Then at practice I completely focused not even looking at the time. I did not even pay attention to the time and when I got into the locker room I realized we got out 10 minutes early. I was so relieved because I left my phone at home on charge and I need it for tonight. Then I left, I was on my way to the greatest time of my life. On my way I got a call from Scott.
“Hey Octave where are you”?
“I just left town, where are you”?
“I have to fill up my tank and then I will be leaving town. Do you know where Jeffrey is”?
“I have not heard from him. I am going to call him now”.
Then I call Jeffrey. He picked right up.
“Hey Octave where are you?”
“I just left town, what about you?”
“I am almost halfway there”.
“Okay, I will see you when I get there”.                                           
I couldn’t believe that Scott wasn’t here yet. Jeffrey and I were here We left at the same time and it should only take 2 hours to get here. It has been almost 3 hours. The concert starts at 9, it is 7 now. I cannot miss the  concert. Then I was getting a phone call, it was from Elsie, Scott’s mom. She started to explain what has happened. I was asking her how it happened. I was asking her what is going to happen to him. I was so scared. Scott was on his way here when a car from the other side of the road came across and it him. Scott’s car started rolling like the numbers in a bingo roller. His crash was very malignant. He is at the hospital right now and went straight to surgery.
Jeffrey and I arrived at the hospital and Scott has been in surgery for two hours. Now I was not focused on the concert at all, I just wanted Scott to be okay. We waited and waited and waited until Scott would come out. We had no idea how long we would be waiting, so I sat there on my phone waiting…….

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