The King's Gift

February 11, 2017
By macymanatee BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
macymanatee BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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One morning, a king received a gift. It was a small golden key that had the power to unlock every door in the castle. Wielding the key as a weapon, the king ran from door to door, up and down the stairs, and all along the hallways. When he would come upon a new door, he would thrust the key into the lock, turn the knob, and push the door open, victim to whatever happened to be inside. Some doors revealed rooms full of gold or other treasures. Others opened to monsters or pits of fire. One opened to a dark abyss and the king rocked on the edge of the doorway, almost falling in.

Stepping backwards and closing the door, his heart beating in his chest, the king sank down with his back against the wall. If he had fallen in, what would have been the use of the key? It would be lost with him. The gift would have been carelessly thrown away, and all because of his hastiness and greed. He realized, the key was a gift. Whoever had sent it to him must have believed he would have been able to wield it wisely, and chose to honor him with the power and not someone else. The queen could have received the key, or the knight, or even the cupbearer, but in the end, he, the King, was chosen to hold the power.

The king realized if he was going to have the key, have the power, he had to recognize its full potential. The key could unlock greatness that could benefit him along with the whole kingdom. Nevertheless, the key could also reveal horrors that could ultimately bring about his demise. The king knew in the future he would have to be cautious with the magnificent power he was bestowed, and consider possible consequences that could arise before unlocking any door. After all, as he was given the key, he was also given all the doors.

The author's comments:

My piece is a parable, a short story using simple ideas to convey more complex themes and morals. I hope my parable teaches that power must be used wisely. 

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