Should I? I cant

February 11, 2017
By jharris20 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
jharris20 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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“Should I?” “I cant,” I say to myself every day, when thinking about my kids. I am Mary, and, my kids are Ella, Jake, Henry, and Cat. Ella is 17, Jake is 16, Henry is 14, and Cat Is 13. Ella has countless boyfriends and is out partying all of the time. Jake is a crazy boy. He is a punk rock music fan, but his temper is out of the world. Henry is getting “D’s” in every class. Cat keeps me here. She is so nice, but her father gives her whatever she wants so that she will be on his side.

My problem is with my stupid ex-husband who is trying to get 100% custody of my kids, and I don’t know if I should keep fighting for them. I try so hard to do well for my kids and teach them how to be independent. I work with Henry everyday after school on his homework, but he is still getting “D’s.” I love my kids and don’t want to let them go, but I can’t win with them. As soon as I start thinking to myself, “3...2...1”-

“Mom, I am going to Dads’ house see you tomoRROW!” said Jake.

“Wait, honey, do you need any money?”

“NO, MOM, LEAVE ME ALone!” Jake said.

“Good-bye, honey, I love you!”

“Mom, I am going out drin… dancing tonight I need $40.. M..O..M..!” Ella said.

“ Ok, honey, have fun I put an extra $20 in there just in case, but I want the change back pleaseee!”

“Ok, mom, love you!” said Ella.

“Love you more!”

  “Henry, where is Cat?”

“ I don’t know, and I don’t care,” said Henry.

“Go study now!” “Cat? Where are you?”

“In my room, mom, is everything ok?” said Cat.

“Yes, honey, just checking, what are you doing?”

“ My homework,” said Cat.

“Ok, honey.”

“Mom, can you please come up here?”

“Hey, hun.”

“Mom, what is the situation with Dad right now?” Cat asked.

“Honey? I don’t think I am going to win, unfortunately.”

“MOM! I love you and can’t stand this, can I please say who I want to live with? You!” said Cat.

“Your dad can give you whatever you want, but I can’t.”

“I don’t give a flying softball! I want to stay with you!” said Cat.

“We, I mean I, will figure it out, don’t worry.”

“Ok mom, love you!” said Cat.

“Love you more!”

“ Should I, I can’t” I say to myself again. How could I have married such a idiot? Of course he is going to win; I will never see my kids again! I have to fight! I have to take Cat to court with me. Ella will be going to college next year, but if I can only choose one of my kids to stay with me. I would pick the one who loves me and doesn’t yell at me, Cat. I am fighting for my kids! Cat’s coming to court with me! I am going to win!
As I walk away from Cat, “1...2...3”

“Mom, the tv isn’t turning on!” said Henry.

“Why aren’t you studying?”

“Ummm… I am having a break!” said Henry.

“From studying for five minutes?”

“5 minutes, are you sure? I think it has been 50 minutes,” said Henry.
“ Henry?”

“Yeah?” said Henry.

“Go study now!”

“Fineee,” said Henry.

Great, it is the devil, David. David is my ex.


“Mary, why is Jake at my house?” said David.

“He said that you knew, and don’t you want the kids?”

“Mary, don’t be smart with me, after all we both know who is getting the kids, and you want to spend some time with them don’t you? Mary?” Said David.

“David, you are quite wrong! I am getting my kids and that is that,”

“Really? Haha, sure! Just get Jake within the hour,” David said.

“You suck! You little flaming ball of …...”

Oh, he is going down. G-d how is this jerk their father? He was not like this when I married him; how did he change so much in the bad way?

“Momm, my phone isn’t turning on!” said Henry.

“Henry Owens, you get your butt in there and study NOW!!”

“ I was joking, jeez,” Henry said.

“It’s 10:00 five more minutes then go to bed ok?”

“Ok, mom,” Henry said.

“Cat? Get ready for bed.”

“Already in bed reading, mommy!” Cat said.

“Good, honey, good night, I love you!”

“Love you more! Check on me.” said Cat.

“Ok, I will.”

“Henry, bedtime.”

“Already in bed mommy reading!” Henry said.

“Don’t be rude! Good night, honey, I love you!”

“Love you too, mom!” Henry said.

I can’t and I won’t. I say to my self one last time that day. Court in one day, my kids in three! Yes, this is what life is like up’s and down’s. I just have to brush off the dirt and jump up again. He’s calling again?

“What do you want?”

“Jake, is still at my place? Why?” David said.

“Oh, he is staying the night. Didn’t you get the email I didn’t send? Why was tonight date night?”

“Mary, shut your mouth and pick up your son now!” David said.

“You know what? No, spend the night with your own kid if that is what you think living with them is all about, some time here, a little over here? Oh and all of the sudden he is mine again but when you don’t need something from me they're yours?”

“Good bye!!” said David.

Oh, he is going down!  Past the dirt!

“Good morning, mom!” said Cat.

“What time is it we have to get to court!”

“ I woke you up 1 hour early, just so we can get there early,” said Cat.

“Thank you, honey”

On my way to court on my way to court... Oh Cat and me on our way to courtt!!
“Ok, mom…,” said Cat.

“Ok, Cat, we are here! Ok, there is David, let us finish this once and for all!”

“Oh yeah, mom!” Cat said.

“Halfway through this boring day oh hey Cat you're mine!

“Mom, shh, don’t embarrass me,” said Cat.

“Oh look Cat,  your Dad is up on the stand; he looks nervous. I love this!”

“Mom, he is still my Dad, and I love him,” Cat said.

“I have money, I have a good job. My kids are better off with me, your honor,” said David.

“Alright now, Mary, your statement?” said the judge.

“In concluding, my children feel safer with their mother’s touch. Why take that away from them?”

“Because, that is not true!” said David.

“Cat, is this true?” said the judge.

“Y..e...s, your honor,” said Cat.

“Well the jury has decided that Cat, and her brothers are to remain home, with their mother, while Ella goes to college. David, you can have your kids on the weekends, but only with Mary’s permission,” said the judge.
“Yes, judge,” said David.

“We won I did it!”

“Mom you did it!” said Cat.

“We did it!”

I did and would never give up my kids. I say this to myself after I won! How did so much happen in two days? I don’t know and may never know, but my kids are with me and that’s what matters.

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