Wizards of Aruba

February 10, 2017
By CLemons BRONZE, Nebo, Illinois
CLemons BRONZE, Nebo, Illinois
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Once upon a time, on the island of Aruba, lived a group of four wizards. Three were scarlet macaws named Loca, Poca, and Toca, and one was a white unicorn with a sparkling gold horn named Aleta. The four of them did absolutely everything together and tested new spells on each other. They would go from relaxing in the ocean and making sand castles in the beautiful white sand to flying to the volcanoes of Maui, Hawaii. Loca, Poca, and Toca always knew Aleta was different, since she couldn’t fly, and looked nothing like them, but never mentioned anything to her because they loved her all the same.
Aleta began to ask questions about herself not being able to fly. She felt a little out of place and left out. She started staying on the island instead of going on adventures, and quit casting spells. Loca, Poca, and Toca started to notice a difference in Aleta’s demeanor and wanted to do something to change it. They got together and started working on new potions to help Aleta grow wings. Months later, the macaw trio executed the wing potion perfectly. Or so they thought.

They disguised the potion in Aleta’s favorite meal, oatmeal, and brought it to her. The kind gesture itself was enough to bring a smile to Aleta’s face, but Loca, Poca, and Toca knew for sure that when she grew wings she was going to be ecstatic. Aleta continued to eat her oatmeal, but as time went on she started turning green! The three looked back and forth from each other and began to panic. Without hesitation Poca spoke up and said,”We forgot her favorite juice blend! We should hurry back to get it.” and they left the room without explanation to Aleta. As soon as they entered their bungalow they got straight to work.

They were throwing in ingredients of all different colors and odors into the big black mixing pot. The smell in the room was unbearable, but they were so focused on making their friend happy again that they kept working without pause. At last they finished the mixture with a hoop and holler of, “PRESTO!” Loca, Poca, and Toca flew as fast as their little wings would take them back to Aleta’s location. Toca handed Aleta her drink and she downed it. “Thank you so much for this wonderful treat! I’m so glad to have such great friends like you,” Aleta stated as she started to shrink. “Oh no,” Loca said under her breath. Aleta was now a miniature green unicorn! Toca asked if he could talk to his fellow birds outside for just a moment. “Oh yes, not a problem,” said Aleta.
“This is not good,” Toca said, “One of us has to tell her the truth.” Poca stood up and said she would be the one to do it.

Poca walked back in the room with her head down. “Is something wrong?” asked Aleta in concern. Poca couldn’t even speak. She was dreading this confession but knew it had to be done. She said, “Alakazam!” and stood back awaiting the reaction. Aleta took one look in the mirror and burst into tears. She couldn’t believe what she saw looking back at her. Aleta always thought she was a macaw bird just like her friends and was ashamed to find out she wasn’t. She choked on her sobs as Poca started to explain to her, “Aleta. Toca, Loca, and I love you and always will no matter what you look like. We love you for you and didn’t feel the need to tell you you’re a unicorn because we didn’t want to hurt your feelings. We were tired of keeping this secret from you and wanted you to know the truth.” Aleta stared at her in confusion and a little frustration until she could come up with something to say. “Why would you wait so long to tell me?” asked Aleta. “Because this world would be boring if everything was the same. We didn’t want you to try to be someone you’re not,” interpreted Poca. “I guess you’re right,” said Aleta with a smile on her face, “Thank you!”

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