Why Leave the Hill?

February 10, 2017

Once spring, always spring; it's always spring in the hill. Surrounded by bright blue ocean water, the city appeared like a paradise. Dotted with big bright mansions that seem like they are falling off the edge; they are everywhere, they seem to go on forever. The streets are perfectly carved in and the lines are as straight as a skyscraper. All the lawns are neatly cut and the citizens of the hill are obligated to keep the hill litter-free. Every single day is well organized and every citizen’s job is chosen, but everything is free. When a family has a child they are given 52 weeks off, fully paid, but then they are to return to their duties, their jobs will always be waiting and reserved for them. In this city everybody who owns a pet treats it like a son, they are to be kept inside and their accidents are to be cleaned right away. This is a place of happiness, a place where people succeed; this will be a place for those who desire to achieve, achieve, and a place of opportunities that will get you where you want to be.

The people from the hill don't look like unsophisticated people. They all look like an elaborate class of people; people with money. These people treat each other the same, they are all the common to each other, in this city they all get payed the same and do the same thing, no one is above the government though. The government has their own establishment in the hill, its far away from everyone else but they are still in charge of the city and the citizens in it. People from the hill seem not to mind the separate establishment since it doesn’t intervene with their lives. Everyone here seems to wear luxurious clothes when they are going to work or just going out. The cars used by these people are cars that a regular person can’t afford just to characterize  some brands some have a horse on 2 legs and some have a raging bull; they never seem to fully gain momentum. Most of the people that come to the hill are from places extrasolar, but they have to get accepted first; not everyone gets accepted here, the ones that don't get accepted, they get send to a place “below” the hill.
People that get send “below” the hill seem to be forgotten forever since whoever gets send there seems to never be heard of again. Only the government knows what’s down there, but they won’t tell the citizens about it, the only thing that the people from the hill know is that this is a place of hysteria and everyone who’s down there is a criminal of some sort; well at least that’s what the government makes it seem like or tells them. I’m going to tell you about the bottom of the hill, not everyone down there is like the government describes them. Below the hill, the land is dry and it gives the appearance of dead land, but that’s what the people below the hill make it seem like, a mile away from all that dead land the grass starts to show and we start to see green everywhere; life starts to reappear with people and animals. Most of the people below are middle class people; they own stuff, well not really because the government takes it away from them whenever he sees something that he believes they don't deserve or aren’t allowed to have. The people from here dress casual they own mid-size homes and have regular cars, they are mostly high school graduates and there is some illiterate.

The government though treats these people like undomesticated animals; he doesn't care about their health or well being, that is why most of these people are starting to rebel, things are going to change in their favor and the government is refusing to this idea. During the night the hill isn't quiet anymore, people from under the hill are making strategies to get to the top of the hill and overthrow the government. The citizens from the hill are growing nervous because they hear the sounds of screams and the sounds of weapons firing in the distance, but their government denies all of this.  The hill is not the perfect place anymore like the government made it seem like, there is something going on, and the citizens are not going ignore this anylonger. Down here people suffer and get treated harshly, everything they worked so hard for is getting taken away; even their freedom and morals. Their revolt is for what they are and for what they one day want to be. They don't care about living in the hill, they are okay where they are, they just want to be left alone and live peacefully, but the government doesn't want that  and will not tell the citizens of the hill the truth, he is scared that they might turn against themselves and just leave the hill.

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