The Walking Warriors

February 10, 2017
By , Austin, TX

At the dawn of day, the warriors walk the land in hopes of peace, while everyone else is wishing death. Before the destruction of our own kind, we had been a much normal society. Everybody had a family, everyone had their own routine, everyone was happy, there was no war, but peace. Until the government decided to bomb it’s own people into oblivion, blaming the newly elected president for losing his mind, and causing hysteria with other nations.

Surrounded by the wasteland itself, the government still occupied plenty of beautiful land. Filled and surrounded by living nature, including purified water that was only shared across government officials. The government just kicks back and enjoys the destruction of mankind unfold.

After all the bombs were dropped, those who had survived the attacks were put into government facilities. There, they would be fed and taken care off by the best doctors in the country. What they didn’t know was the government’s secret brainwashing sessions that would change the way we understand right and wrong. Our morality would be poisoned, along with our values and principles. Later thrown back into the wasteland like waste, all had been done by our nation's leaders and representatives. Fortunately, there were those who had not been taken into custody by the government, this small percentage of survivors were called the warriors, they had been through the most utmost brutality any human could ever possibly withstand. They had lost everything including family and friends, one thing they still had, was their strong sense of morality.

Emotionally, the warriors had been through the most painful suffering of grief and sorrow. It was hard for them to feel the sense of living, but something drove them to see hope. Plenty of warriors felt no need to be alive anymore and committed suicide to escape this evil earth, except Frank.

Coming from a middle class background, having a wife and kids, and being a believer. Frank had always been a positive person, but having to live in a now violent hostile environment all alone, it was hard to keep one’s fate still alive. He had a mission to fix the world he now lived in, he would have to find a way to take down the brutal, corrupt government, the one that took his family away from his hands.

It had been a couple months after the main attacks, Frank had been moving from place to place through the wasteland. The bombing had created miles and miles of destruction. Frank survived most days by drinking dirty water and eating insects, sometimes he would find little towns where he would stop to raid. However, he would still have to look out for other humans, those who had been brainwashed by the government were high risk, they would easily target him for pure malice, these things weren’t human anymore. Through time, Frank developed skills to control the brainwash not only through killing, but with psychological persuasion; In a way that would allow a connection without the use of violence, to get inside the brainwashed mind.

Occasionally, the government would still send secret service members to kidnap warriors, in order to brainwash them, they didn’t like the idea of thinkable humans roaming around freely. They wanted everyone to be brainwashed, this would allow brainwashers to fight against one another and eventually kill each other.
Couple of years blew pass like wind. Frank had thought deeply of overthrowing the government, he had fate that there was someway of fixing this mess. He would come up with a genius plan to find and remove all politicians that started the chaos and who caused the loss of many people. Frank’s plan focused on eliminating those who were associated with the government’s evil desires as a sign of retaliation for his family and the good people who had passed away.

Franklin traveled many miles, eventually finding the government's huge facility. Heavily guarded he knew it would be impossible to break in. After many thought, Franklin followed the plan he so carefully orchestrated . After the fireball of death was unleashed upon the government facility, everything started changing slowly.
The wasteland was starting to grow back life, the brainwashed had began to slowly turn back to normal. The world had been restored. Nobody knew exactly what had caused it, some believe it was a miracle, others say it was one of the brave warriors that once drifted this so called “wasteland.”

Since the destruction of the government occurred, Franklin was never to be heard off again.

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