February 10, 2017

It looks like an amazing beautiful place. Everyone is wearing fancy fur and have a cigarette in their right hand. If you lived here you’d feel like your are in a movie. You hear jazz in every corner in the city. All the buildings are grey and tall but it looks like no one lives in them. The streets are always busy and everyone seems so happy but this isn’t a happy story for everyone. 

Everyone has the same routine every morning afternoon and night. The weekends are always the same plans. People go out to eat and then go shopping. Everything seems normal but that’s what the city wants you think. We don’t see what’s happening behind the doors of these fancy places. If only someone dared to be different what would happen. Would society collapse or will everyone unity and be the perfect society with no dark background. Tarince is the right person for this. He’s not scared of being different he is just curious and people should be curious of how there in no change in this city we call Wonder.

Tarince wanted to know what was so great about Wonders. Everything looked the same all the people seems so relaxed with no worries almost if they didn’t have real feelings for anything. It’s the place you would want to run away to it’s what the afterlife would be like. But it’s hell behind the doors.

Blood there is so much blood. Might as well paint the walls red. There is so much pain in the color red. I had never seen so much darkness in one room how can people call this city  Wonders if there is no wonders behind these doors. Why must Fiona be so life less to these poor animals. She’s so beautiful and so intimidating but it’s such a great look on her. Her red lipstick is never worn off and stays as red as her work and her eyeliner could cut you if you crossed her path. Her face is so smoothed and soft ...her eyes are like honey and her lashes will blow you away with one wink. I can understand why people want to look like her she’s an angel.
Her fur is sold in every corner of every store. Fur fur fur that’s all that anyone wears. People wear more fun than any item of clothing. Tarince is so curious on how people could be so blind and careless for the pain off all the animals under the knife but I see there pain in their eyes and I will speak my mind out and stand for what is right.

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