Monster in the Woods

February 10, 2017
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The terror of my past deed racks my heart and overwhelms me with tremors filling up the very depths of my soul! I crawl my way through thick brambles and sharp, spiny forestry as the rage of the nighttime storm howls with all its dreadful strength around me. I come to rest at a clearing, and I collapse, listening to the clap of thunder as the trees overhead shake their mighty limbs. I fall into a fitful phase of sleep and the horror of the night overcomes me in waves of dark dreams.

The morning sun blinds me as I wipe sleep from my crusty eyes, and I have the sinking feeling that someone, or something, is watching my hunched figure. Suddenly, a flash of white flame shoots past my face, and I can feel the streak radiating heat as it continues its journey and explodes in the nearby brush! I spin around and manage to see a small figure disappear into the looming black woods. I start to tremble with fear as horrible thoughts fill my head, and I try to discern what had just made an attempt to take my life. I slowly turn around searching for anything that might wish to harm me or disturb the, now peaceful, clearing.

As the blanket of night overcomes the brightness of day, I lay down and close my eyes for the briefest of seconds, forgetting for one blissful moment my strange experience earlier today. Curiously, the heat of the sun seems more powerful than ever.  I open my eyes to find that, standing over my sunburned face, is the flaming devil-creature! I instinctively thrust my hand out to sink my fist into the grotesque face, but its claws grab my hand and flames engulf my forearm. I scream in agony and wrench my hand from its grasp with all my might! Then, as quickly as the creature had come, I blink and it's gone. A horrid feeling of frustration racks my pitiful body as the eerie wind whistles across the clearing. I am still not able to fully glimpse the stature of that malignant spirit. I hold my burned arm tenderly as searing pain overcomes me, and I blackout to a memory.

My mind flashes back to that night where I laid my hands on the young girl’s neck and slowly robbed her of her life. She pleaded with me to stop, and I could see the fright in her youthful blue eyes. She was able to eject a final shriek before she took her last, shuddering breath, and her body sagged against the wall of the shadowed alleyway as the light left her eyes. My heart was beating like it never had before, the adrenaline rushed through me as I looked around to ensure no witness. I saw no one as the downpour washed away all signs of fingerprint evidence and muddy footprints. I ran as swiftly as I could away from the scene and away from the dead, colorless girl.

I jolt back to the present with a disturbing sense of pride simmering within me. Even as I recall the murder I had so brutally committed, I admire my deed, my cool manner, and my use of the utmost intelligence while carrying out the crime. However, something else saw me commit the horrendous crime that night. It was that cursed creature, and it has followed me ever since! It has been my dream and passion to be rid of this haunting monster!

The night has fallen, and I hear the ominous rumble of another approaching storm. I shiver with the bone-biting cold of the night and I hope that the fiend does not show its frightful face again. A twig cracks in the undergrowth around me, and I can only imagine that it is the demon.

“Why? Why do you torture me so?” I inquire of the darkness around me.

“Have I ever done anything to offend you?” I holler. “Show yourself, you terrible creature! You, the one that haunts my soul and my dreams. You, the one that has never left me alone since that night! What do you desire?”

The wind rushes through the trees as if in response to my exclamation. A chill runs up my spine, and I have the suspicion that something is watching me. I turn around and slowly behold what my frustrated query has brought to me. It is the figure of my nightmares.

“Hello there. You asked me what I desire? I only desire one thing—that is, to avenge the death of the young girl you so cruelly murdered. You may either give me anything I want and grant my wish, or I will stay with you until you fall sick and regretful on your deathbed!” The creature speaks with a raspy voice, flashing those smoldering, blood red eyes.

“Ha! You believe I will give you anything in order for you to leave me alone? Well, you are wrong! You may torture me day and night, but I would rather remain my wretched self than do anything to help you!” I exclaim to the creature with a hysterical laugh. I am, I truly believe, far more intelligent than this devil and I believe that I can outwit any of its plans.

“Very well, mere mortal, I will do as you desire. But, be forewarned, in the next day or two, I will seek my revenge against you and you may fall onto your knees to beg and plead with me. However, you have made your choice and that is final. You see, I am the spirit that avenges the innocent. I never stop pursuing the killer until I get my wish or I maintain my promise of revenge. You shall soon find out that I have never failed to exact my revenge on a human, no matter how cunning he thinks he is, for they always heed my request or die a most dreadful death. You have been warned.” The creature speaks forth its final proclamation, and, with a swirl of ash and flame, disappears into the night.

At daybreak, I awake with a feeling of dread and anticipation. I start out on a short walk through the brush with no other purpose than to be with my thoughts and my thoughts alone. I come to a deep ravine and peer, very carefully, over the edge to see the churning waters below. Without warning, I am shoved forward by an unknown force and begin to plunge toward my demise. As I look back toward the top of the cliff, I am just able to make out a flaming creature staring at me with deep red eyes as I continue to rocket toward my death. As I hear the water roar below me, I recall what the creature said to me: that I would feel regret for my declination of its wish and be killed to avenge the girl I had strangled. I realize what I had accomplished that night, yet I do not feel remorse for any of my sins, only for the loss of my own life. As this thought flashes through my mind, I hit the water and fall into an eternal slumber.

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