How It all Began

February 9, 2017
By snsmith BRONZE, Simms, Texas
snsmith BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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        It was a very strange summer at the Hamptons. On July 6, 2020 I was having my graduation party with some friends of mine. We were right beside the ocean and it was beautiful you could see the dolphins in the water and you would only hear the sweet sounds music coming from the birds, you would smell salt coming from the ocean and you could feel the sand in between your toes. Just something ruined the whole nice get away…….

       As the day turned into night I realised I was missing my best friend, I just realized I haven't seen her in a couple of hours!!!!! I started panicking, we were in a place where we have never been before and I didn't know anyone. I started to backtrack my steps to where I last saw her, but it was going to take forever. The first place where we were together was at the shoe store, she wasn't there and nobody saw her with me which was stange. Next stop was the beach I got the same result, but something really interesting happened. I ran into this man, he was perfect he had the jawline, perfect hair cut, blue eyes and was sweet. Soon I forgot about my bestfriend and I went with him to explore the town. Eventually I ended up falling for him, the next thing I know I was at his apartment and we watched his favorite movie, John Bourne. The movie was almost over and I felt a sting in my left arm I tried to look over my shoulder to see what it was but everything got blurry and really dark real fast. When I woke up that when I found my best friend………

         There she was standing above me holding a knife she had blood all over her body it was dripping all over my face. I started to hear a man's voice in the background it turned out to be the man I was interestested in. It turned out that they were working. While she was standing above me she was explaining to me they were running a gang that sold drugs and women. She started saying I have to work for her or I would die… Then she jumped on top of me and started screaming like a crazy person, then I tried to take the knife from her. The next thing I knew we were fighting and I grabbed the knife and I stabbed her in the throat and she bleed out to death.  I got up and ran for my life but I had to save the other girls, while I was saving them I ran into the guy I was interested in and then him and I started to fight because he slammed me on the ground. It felt like he broke my ribs, it hurt so bad, my vision started to get blurry and I was bleeding a lot, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. A metal bar went threw my leg when he threw me on the ground. I started to yell for help and the man came back he started to beat me until I passed out then I woke up strapped down to a gurney. After a couple of hours he came back with my best friend dead body in his hands, there were tears running down his face. Then he laid the bloody knife on my chest, I started to breath real hard and my hands were all sweaty my heart started to bond really hard then he passed out on top of me and he was dead. 

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