Colors of Grey

February 8, 2017
By kickinkp BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
kickinkp BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Grey. Shades of black and white. That was all I saw. I had heard of colors before, but I had never experienced them. But I’m wasn’t the only one. Many people in this world don’t see colors, and some never do. It’s just if you find the one. I had heard what it’s like to encounter your soul mate because my mother and father are soulmates. My mom said, for her, it came in waves when you were about to meet each other. First, she said, she saw the green leaves in the trees, then the red bricks of the buildings in town, then the blue sky up above until all the other colors flooded in when she looked into my dad’s eyes. My dad told me that he just suddenly saw all colors when he touched my mom’s hand on accident. Everyone’s encounter with love is different. Sometime it’s with eye contact, sometimes physical touch, I’ve even heard of a girl who didn’t see in color until the couple’s first kiss. All those people had seen grey up until the moment they met their soulmate. And I was sure I was going to be the same.

It happened one day when I was at home, bored. I was reading a book, when all of the sudden, the pages began to look almost… yellow. I quickly shut the book and saw the faded red of the cover, slowly become more vibrant after every second. Get up! Leave! A voice in my head screamed, so I did. “Where are you going?” my mother called after me as I was running around the house frantically.

“To find the love of my life,” I shouted to her feeling an exotic feeling pooling in my stomach. When I made it outside, my breath was taken away. Colors were fading out from the gray I had seen all of my life. The green leaves, the red bricks, the blue sky. It was all making its self visible to me, getting more vibrant as my feet pounded against the cream sidewalk. People were looking at me as if I were crazy. They looked at me with brown eyes. Green eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes. They were all staring at me, and I couldn’t have been happier.
My feet were guiding me. I had no idea where I was going, but it felt like my feet did, so my brain just went along with them. Gradually, I made it from city center to the outskirts of town.


The only thing out here was a small church. The only sounds were bluebirds and my heartbeat. Something told me I was close, and my heart felt like it could burst out of my chest. The colors had become only a faded pastel, so I knew I hadn’t met them yet. My feet took me to the front of church telling me they must’ve been inside, but they weren’t. All of the sudden, I broke into a sprint racing to the back of the church. My heart was beating louder than ever now, like the waves during a storm. Sweat was dripping in beads down my forehead, and I couldn’t have been happier. Patches of grey and granite whizzed past me as I felt like I was flying, I was running so fast. The colors were stronger than ever and tears blurred my vision.

The world was left behind me as if nothing mattered, because nothing did.  I knew those next few moments were going to change my life and I was so nervous, excited, anxious, and everything else in between at the same time. What was my soulmate thinking? Where they only seeing gray like me dad did, or are they frantically looking for me? My thoughts are cut off when I trip on something falling onto the ground.
Maybe this is it. I think to myself. Maybe my soulmate will find me and come over and help me up. After a second, I realize no one else was actually around. Then, I actually realized where I was. I looked back to see on what I tripped on. I lift the rock slab, that I had accidently knocked over, so it was standing straight. And then it happened. Colors filled my vision telling me I had met my soulmate, but all I saw in front of me, was grey.

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