The delicious adventures of Mr. Meaty

February 8, 2009
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In the city, with all the hustle and bustle of tourists, business men, and the occasional crimes of street gangs, lies one clueless kid, who will soon be a meaty legend.
New York City, one of the world's most favored cities. A gang of healthy super villains lie beneath the ground. They are feared by most meat lovers. They call themselves, 'The Fruit of The Loom,' but luckily, one teenager will save the meat lovers.
Porter Peeker, a teenager that is almost 18, is a meat lover that loves watching the TV show, 'Deal or no Deal.' He works at McDonalds as the drive through cashier man.
One day, on his lunch break, he saw a Big Mac on the floor. He loved Big Macs, and would never let one go to waste, so he ate it. Instantly, severe pain came to his forehead. His stomach was contracting, and his eyes turned red. His skin became pale, and he felt like he was shot by a gun as he slowly drifted off into unconsciousness.

What had felt like minutes of sleep for Howie, had actually been days. After being rushed to the hospital and back to his apartment, he woke up.
'Oh' where am I? Oh, I'm back at home. I feel like going to the roof for some fresh air. It's hot in here. What the heck? My body is a burger! I really need to go up to the roof!'

When he got up to the roof, he looked down below. 'Gosh, it's cold up here!' he said as he clenched his fists. When he did that, a strand of meat came out of his wrist. He tried it again. 'This is like Spider Man! I'm going to try to swing on these things!' He says.

As he stood, overlooking the city from above his apartment, he wondered if he was going to make it. Then he jumps. He shoots out a strand of meat from his wrist, and swings on it. He jumped and he swung on another strand of meat. 'Yes! I can do it!' he exclaimed.

After swinging for a while, he decided that he would use his meaty powers for good, and not for free burgers whenever he wanted, because another power was that he could make hamburger buns at his command. Down below he saw a saw a robbery taking place. He swooped down and just when he landed, the robber was coming out of the store. He buried the robber in meat, took some buns, and made him into a human sloppy joe.
He thought his day was done but from the distance, he saw the one, the only, the Fruit of the Loom. Mr. Meaty, as some people were calling him on the side, thought this would be the toughest battle he would ever face, but he was way wrong! First, Tomato tried to body slam him, but Tomato just bounced off of Mr. Meaty's burger body. Lettuce and Grape, who were wimpy, got scared and ran away, but they fell in a manhole. After Banana tried to trip him, and got run over by a car, only apple was left. Apple was the dumbest and was the type that would eat anything. Mr. Meaty whipped up a burger and gave it to Apple, he gulped it down. He was already fat, and got even fatter. In fact, he got so fat that he exploded! The Fruit of the Loom was destroyed, and Mr. Meaty was praised, and still is praised today.

Porter Peeker, who is not Mr. Meaty anymore, has retired from being a super hero. Although he still has meaty powers, he only uses them for making burgers for himself, but Mr. Meaty, the hero, is no more.

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