Call Her to You

February 8, 2009
Take a look. Look long. Look deeply. Do you see the beauty? Do you see the elegance, the design?

Some call her Aphrodite. Others Venus. Helen. Even a Lorelei. A siren. Others simply call her the girl of their dreams. The girl of wonders. The mystery girl.

Call her. Anytime. Call her to you, day or night. Call her to you, and watch your every fantasy, every dream, be fulfilled right before your eyes. There's no crime in wanting to fulfill your dreams, is there?

She exists to serve'and she exists to serve those just like you. It's as it always has been'she has been here since the dawn of time. And she will be here long after you are gone. After all of this is gone.

So call her to you. But remember: everything has a cost. And she, of course, is no exception. But I assure you, every second will be worth your while. With every drop of your life she drinks through her soft lips, you will be more overwhelmed with emotion, with euphoria, with light, with vision. The feelings of things that never were'the feelings of things coming true.

After all, there's nothing wrong with living out your fantasies, is there?

Go on. Don't be afraid. Call her to you'

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