Live or Die?

February 7, 2009
By Kirsten Foley SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Kirsten Foley SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Live or Die? No one needs me. Jump? I stand on the edge of the mountain, toes hanging off the edge. Able to jump but don't. For I'm not worried about what lay at the bottom, it's what lies after that. So I back up. One step at a time and I feel the lightness of the edge gone. I lose power. Power the one thing that keeps the world moving. I just give it up right then and there. Right? I'm giving it up, not gaining what I had lost. Have I been thinking of power so much that I lost the little power I had? WAIT! I came here to make it done. Not to think of what could be. I take one step forward. Then sprint'falling'into the pit of my own destiny' the power I was given' now used. I chose to fall into the death of my own dismay. My fall cannot be lifted, for I am gone. What will you choose? Live or Die?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because right now jumping sounds pretty good, but i know its to hard for me. Now its uo to you.

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