February 7, 2009
By paceliving BRONZE, Belchertown, Massachusetts
paceliving BRONZE, Belchertown, Massachusetts
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The sunrise was beautiful, showering the once dark sky with bright reds, oranges, and yellows. She laid silently in the grass, rubbing her naked feet up and down its dewy covering. She held a bright red flower against the crimson sky and examined the flower's flawless beauty. The dew was soaking her back but she didn't care. She was enraptured in the flower's labyrinth of veins twisting through the wavy, soft petals. With her left hand cradling her leaned back head, she smelled the wild flower in her right hand. Its blissful scent of strawberries and melted sugar seemed too good to be true.

Loud squawks broke the peaceful silence. The high pitched sound pierced the inside of her head. She dropped the flower and threw her hands over her ears. She looked frantically around, searching for meaning to the sound. She found nothing. The pain in her head throbbed and she instinctively closed her eyes. They closed even tighter as she rocked her stiffened body back and forth. She could feel the bright lights around her fade into darkness. The piercing squawks stopped suddenly. Silence once again fell around her. What had just happened? She was too frightened to move. After two minutes of stillness, she uncovered her ears and held her sweaty heads to the side of her head. Not knowing what to do, she sniffed the air. The once fresh, clean, and grass filled breezing air was now replaced with a stuffy, fake scented air. Her room. She must have been dreaming. She slowly pried open her eyelids. She was right. Her room was highlighted by the midnight moon and an owl sat outside the window, screeching its nocturnal song. It was night. Her knees were lifted up to her chin and her comforters were strewn across the bed, covering everything besides her. She looked around the room with a stiff neck that cracked when she turned it completely to the left. Her door was opened. A tall dark figure was standing in the door frame.

She was startled by his appearance. She squinted her unadjusted eyes to see him more clearly. His paper white skin glowed in the dark room. His white silhouette could easily be seen but his face was covered by the shadows of the room. She had finally reached her last breath, her last memory, and her last dream. He was not here for her, but the soul that resided within her. He was the dark keeper of memories. She sat upright at the edge of the bed and walked over to her death. There was a painful tugging at her wrists but she ignored it. As the shadows subsided, it was clear that he had no face. He picked her frail body up into his arms and walked down the hall to her parents' bedroom. Her head rested sleepily on his broad shoulder. She heard the door to her parents' room open. She heard her mother's soft breaths and her father's loud snoring. The once lost sounds were heard again and they comforted her. The white figure laid her between her parents. She snuggled up to her parents' sides. Happiness overwhelmed her. She fell asleep to the rhythmic sounds of her parents' breathing. Her soul was gone, her body never to be seen again. She laid with her deceased parents and drifted into a world of blissful sleep. The figure left her alone forever. She was no longer sitting in her well known hospital bed, thinking of her parents' smiles and warm laughs. She was now resting next to them. Forever.

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on May. 3 2009 at 8:46 pm
paceliving BRONZE, Belchertown, Massachusetts
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It should be "sweaty hands to the side of her head."


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