Night in the Haunted Cabin

February 3, 2017

It was a late afternoon on a Monday. In a nearby forest, the trees were short on leaves due to the strong breeze, and the grass was sparkling with the water drops from last night’s rain. Walking on the path of drizzled grass were two boys named Nicky and Mason. It was summer, and Nicky and Mason were on a camping trip while their parents stayed at a nearby hotel.

“It was sure nice of your parents to let us go camping by ourselves,” said Mason.

“Yeah, my parents are always cool like that,” said Nicky back to Mason.

After a while of hiking through the woods, the sky had begun to get covered with clouds, and before long, it had started to rain.

“This is crazy!” shouted Mason. “The weather app on my phone said it was going to be sunny all day today! Why the heck is it raining?”

“Who cares,” shouted Nicky. “Let’s just find someplace to escape the rain!”

Nicky and Mason continued to run through the forest to avoid the rain. Until suddenly, the most peculiar site appeared right before them: a giant wooden cabin on top of a small hill. It was a rustic estate that was worn down and had what looked like scratches all over it. The mountain the cabin rested on was a bit muddy from the rain, but luckily for the 2 boys, there was a wooden staircase that led to the cabin’s dry ground.
“Where the heck did this cabin come from.” questioned Mason.

“I don’t rightly know, but we should settle in until the rain blows over,” said Nicky.

So despite questioning why such a worn down cabin was in the forest, Nicky and mason rushed up the mountain and right to the cabin’s front door.

When they went inside, they found the inside to be as bad as the outside: a dark, rigid old space filled with nothing but cobwebs, broken furniture, and claw marks just like the outside. Nicky saw a candle and a match on the ground, and even though he found it suspicious a candle and match were just left on the ground in plain sight, he did not care and lit the candle. From there Nicky and Mason explored the house.

“This place is giving the creeps,” whimpered Mason, as he and Nicky were roaming around the broken down cabin.

“Sure is giving me the creeps too,” replied Nicky. “But don’t worry mason, because once the storm passes through, we’ll be able to get out of this creep show.”

As Nicky and Mason roamed around the cabin, they began to experience many strange things. First, they began to hear an eerie moan from down the halls, like if someone else was in the cabin.

“What was that.” asked Mason very nervously.

“Probably just the wind,” Replied Nicky back at Mason.

After a while, the moaning stopped, and was replaced with the countless black footprints the 2 boys saw on the floor.

“Where the heck did these footprints come from?” asked Mason.

“I don’t know,” answered Nicky. “Maybe if we follow them, we’ll get some answers.”

Nicky and Mason followed the footprints placed in front of them. As they followed them, they were led deeper into the shadows of the hallway. They walked deeper and deeper into the hallway, and after a while, the footprints stopped right in front of a wall. Nicky raised the match near the wall, and what the 2 boys saw was probably the strangest thing in the entire house: A giant word that was written in blood and spelled out: “BEWARE.”

“What the heck?” asked Mason loudly. “Nicky, this cabin is really starting to creep me out.”

“Same here,” replied Nicky. “Let’s leave before something bad happens.”

Nicky and Mason ran back to the front door hoping to escape the cabin. However, when they reached the front door, they found the entire inside of the front of the house to be a sealed brick wall.

“No, no, no!” shouted Nicky in fear.

“What the heck?” questioned Mason, panicked. “What happened to the entire front of the house?”
“How should I know?” answered Nicky in frustration. “There was a front door the moment we stepped in this nightmare. And now it’s a brick wall? That doesn’t even make any sense.”

Suddenly, an eerie blue light glowed behind Mason. When Mason turned around, he saw the light had come from what looked like a floating blue orb.

“Uh, Nicky…” said Mason quietly.

When Nicky turned around to see the orb, the orb at that moment transformed into a transparent child.

“Who…who are you?” asked Nicky in confusion.

“My name is Hanna,” answered the child. “I mean no harm. I am here because you are in grave danger.”

“Grave danger?” asked Mason. “What do you mean?”

“Your question requires me to tell both of you a tale from my past,” said Hanna. “Many years ago, this rustic cabin was the proud home of me, my mother, and my father. We were a simple family of farmers, and we would always bring the crops we grow into the stores of many towns as a way to pay for our provisions. It was a glorious life. But as years went by, the soil we had used for our crops lost its magic, which had left us without anything to pay for provisions. One day, my father had bought a magic tome from a nearby bookstore, and looked up a spell that can release a being that can bring those who summon it great wealth. Desperate for money, we all read the incantation aloud. But we all soon regretted what we had done, for instead of a kind hearted spirit, we had summoned a deadly force of pure evil. Before we could send it back, it ate our souls, and turned the cabin into its stronghold of doom. Now the spirit lures people into the cabin, and traps them inside so it can devour more souls.”

“Whoa,” Whispered Mason in disbelief. “An evil spirit is possessing the cabin? That is messed up.”

“Well is there any way we can stop the spirit and get out of here?” questioned Nicky.

“There is one way,” answered Hanna.

Hanna then brings out a samurai sword seemingly from nowhere.

“This is what you need to stop the spirit,” replied Hanna. “Before we summoned the spirit, my parents looked up a spell that can destroy any demon force. In case the spirit turns out to be evil, which it already has, we used this spell to create this weapon. Strike the spirit’s heart with this sword, and it will cease to exist.”
“Cool,” replied both Nicky and Mason.

Moments after Nicky and Mason got the sword, Hanna disappeared into a cloud of blue dust, and the floor boards of the cabin begin to open, swallowing the two boys.

“Aaaahhh!” screamed Nicky and Mason as they fell into the abyss.

A while after falling, Nicky and Mason landed on their backs, and they saw to be in what looked like a giant boiler room.

“I got a bad feeling about this, Nicky,” whimpered Mason as he looked around the boiler room.
Just then, the boiler room’s furnace began to make a growling sound, and puked out ink-black smoke. As the smoke boomed out of the furnace, it started to shape itself, and eventually took on a terrible form: A dragon-like ghost with sharp teeth, gigantic claws, and glowing red eyes.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” screamed the boys.

The spirit then used the smoke on its hand to create a samurai sword much like the one Nicky and Mason have. He charged with the sword at the two boys, but Nicky and Mason dodged it.

“This way!” yelled Nicky as he and Mason tried to evade the spirit.

The spirit saw the boys running away, and chased them around the boiler room while striking them with its sword. After a while of chasing them, the spirit cornered them at a corner in the boiler room.

“It’s now or never, Mason,” said Nicky as he grasped the sword.

“I’m right behind you, Nicky,” said Mason as he held the sword with Nicky.

The spirit held its sword with both hands and prepared to strike the boys.

“On the count of three,” said Nicky as the spirit charged towards them. “One…..Two…..Three!!!”

Nicky and Mason gathered what strength they had left, and when the spirit got close enough, they drove the sword right into its heart. The spirit then gasped for air, shortly before scattering into particles of smoke.

“We did it,” whispered Nicky in relief. “We did it, man.”

Nicky and Mason then took the sword and arrived at the cabin’s front door. They opened the doors, but then saw the daylight as it was when they first arrived at the forest.

“What the heck?” said Nicky as he looked outside. “The time hasn’t gone by the whole time we were in that crazy house. What gives?”

“I think it must have been the effect of the spirit’s magic,” said Mason.

As the two boys gazed outside, Hanna appeared once again behind them.

“Hanna!” cried Nicky and Mason as they turned around to see her.

“Thank you,” breathed Hanna. “Thanks to your efforts, you have freed me and my parents’ souls from the spirit’s spell. On behalf of me and my family, we are forever in your debt.”

“Well thanks,” replied Nicky as he handed Hanna back the sword. “But I guess you want your sword back, huh?”

“We will be using the sword’s magic as a way to drive away any more evil spirits,” replied Hanna as she took the sword back.
“Bye,” said Nicky and Mason as they turned to leave.

“Farewell, dear friends,” whispered Hanna as she re-entered the cabin.

Shortly after Nicky and Mason left, the cabin becomes surrounded by a yellow smoke, and before long, vanished into thin air.

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