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Night Deaths

December 24, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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Mary's eyes had always been hollow from the work she's done for now twenty years as a maid. Her skin was fragile and white as snow. Her bony hands would always be working either seeing or cleaning. Oh boy was she a tough maid. So none is never suspected to find her like that one day.


Her eyes had completely sunken into her skull. Her skin had turned grey and was wrapping tightly around her small frame, making bones stick out like sharp knives.


She was dead and had been dead for a good week. We didn't didn't know she died  haven't even suspected it one bit. She would always take a week vacation to visit some relatives two weeks before Christmas. She would stay a week and come back the week of Christmas.


When she didn't come back we went to her home which is a little ways from our home. We found her door easy to open and invites ourselves in. When we found her she was in this state.


She didn't die of no natural causes either. She was murdered. Smothered not in her sleep though, no she was fully awake.


Their parents were sad to hear the news but they had to find another nanny to take care of the house while they are busy.


After Mary they hired ten other each dying in a months time. Two died of poisoning. Another died of smothering. One died of a chandelier falling on her. Two died of drowning. Three died from falling down our long spiral staircase, breaking their necks on the way down. One killed herself.


The job was soon nicknamed the Suicide Nanny or the Night Deaths. Any person to take the position was soon to die in a weeks tops.


Except one day they hired a nanny named names Jr. She had hair that looked like gold but she always wore it in a bun. Her dress was victorian and always black. She looked like a gothic beauty. She was young, soft spoken, smart and kind.


She was already there for two months. That was more than any of the new Nannies lasted.


She took care of the Night children like they were her owns. Not even getting creeped out by Grace was ten the youngest and only girl of the house. She had lots of patience with Grace and got to her talk a lot more.


As Grace was usually bullied by her two brothers and she wouldn't talk to anyone. Grace has imaginary friends that she talks too when no one will talk to her. Each had its own gruesome backstory look to them. As she would describe them in great detail.


Jr never called her crazy or kept her distance instead she would sit with Grace and listen to her tales.


She even got both of the Night boys home
on time. The Night boys one named Joe and the other John. Twins the age of thirteen. They don't talk to people besides themselves and when they speak out loud it's just a bunch of mumbling but for some reason the other twin understands.


They're always in the woods playing games and going by the rushing river. Every nanny warned the Night boys about this river except Jr.


When asked by the boys parents if she warned them not to go by the river she would shrug. Stating that the boys were old enough to not jump in.


It was Christmas Eve when the Mr. And Mrs.Night had to go to a business meeting saying they wouldn't be back till the next morning on Christmas Day.


When they arrived back though they were met with a frightful sight. Jr and Grace were on the floor crying. They wailed that the twins disappeared and no matter how much they looked they couldn't find them. The twins bodies were found a week later in the river.


As the news goes the boys fell into the river and drowned. Foolish boys. More like foolish people.


The real story of what happened that night is very different.

The story goes like this. On Christmas Eve that night the twins ran out the house and wouldn't return. No matter how many times Jr called their names, they wouldn't come.


She went out into the forest to look for them. When she found them they sitting by the river safe and sound.


She called out to them and they turned around, motioning for her to get closer. When she did they grabbed her arms. They tried to pull her into the river but they didn't know something about Jr.


She was small framed just like the rest of the nannies but she was strong. She grabbed them both by their collars.


"Bad boys should learn to behave." She said softly to both before throwing them into the river to meet their demise.


Jr looked into the river to make sure both of the boys died.


Their was a rustle in the distance. This didn't alarm Jr at all through. Instead she put on of her hands behind her and it was grasped by a smaller one.


"Come on let's go home."


"Are they really gone?"


"Yes they are."


Do you remember that I told you Grace had imaginary friends and that they all had gruesome past and features?


These friends were the past nannies that she saw get murdered by her two brothers. Now one would believe her crazy tales nor would they listen to her words. Only Jr would sit down and listen and listen as the sick tales were told. Her brothers would threaten her into silence.


No one really knows why the brothers wanted to kill their nannies. Maybe it was some sick game that they created one day in the woods. The woods that seemed to talk sometimes. No one will know as they died with their sick secret in the river that no one dare goes too.


Be warned on Christmas Day the river water turns black and if you even go near it, you will surely die.


As this is the Night Curse.


And who am I you may say. Why my name is Mary and I was the first victim of the Night Deaths.

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