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November 23, 2016
By Myah.goldd BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
Myah.goldd BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
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Once  upon  a  time,  there  was  a  queen  named  Jasmine.  She  was  very  shy  which  is  unfortunate  considering  her  position  in  the  Castle  of  Positivity,  which  is  located  on the  island  of  Sirous.  Tomorrow  is the most important day in the castle, it’s the Queen’s Dinner. This is a day where a random queen hosts a dinner party at their castle and invites every queen from the other kingdoms. This is Jasmine’s first year as queen so she’s just finding out about the dinner party. “So you’re telling me that I only have about 4 hours to prepare the biggest and most important parties of the year!!!” Jasmine yelled to her servant Sandra. “ I am so sorry my queen. We all assumed that you were informed about the party.” replied Sandra. “I’ll go out to the village to find decorations and ask the cooks to prepare a feast for tonight!”. “Thank you Sandra, you’ll be a great help” said Jasmine.
   Sandra roamed around the village finding every possible thing she could for the dinner party. She found streamers to hang up on the walls, balloons that went with the theme of the dining room, and other table decorations. Sandra dropped the decorations off at the castle and sent the servants to start setting up for the party. Sandra went back out to pick up three dresses for Jasmine and her two sisters, Malia and Aaliyah. On her way back to the castle, two men threatened to hurt Sandra if she didn’t cooperate with them and to stay silent. Sandra agreed and the two men took her to a tower and locked her at the top. “Now that Queen Jasmine’s side kick is out of the way, we can finally take over the Castle of Positivity and change it to the Castle of Darkness!” the two men conversed. Little do they know, one of the castle’s chefs watched everything happen, followed them to the tower, and is now informing Jasmine about what she saw.
“Oh no that’s terrible! We must retrieve her from that tower!” Jasmine exclaimed. “But the guests are already starting to arrive my queen.” said the chef. “Malia! Aaliyah!” Jasmine called to her sisters. “I need the both of you to host this dinner party for me. I have to save Sandra before something bad happens, and watch out for these two men. Whatever you do, do not let them in!” after making that request, Jasmine rushed off with the chef and strangely found Sandra very easily. “Are you okay?” asked Jasmine. “Yeah I’m fine, but we need to get to the party and fast!” replied Sandra. They rushed back to the castle and the first people the saw were the two men who kidnapped Sandra, who just so happened to be Jasmine’s very jealous younger cousins. Jasmine reasoned with them and got them to leave the party. The rest of the night was success and everyone wanted to have the dinner party at the Castle of Positivity next year.

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