November 22, 2016
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Back in  the days of ancient greece, there was a boy falling into the ocean, his name was Icarus, he had escaped from an island with his father, and was about to die. Then, out from the water came a whale. The whale just swallowed him whole, and Icarus was very confused on why he hadn’t drowned or died once swallowed by the whale. So, he kept pacing and thinking whilst in the whales’ stomach. 

                         Then, a giant wave of digested food came up, Icarus just started to run. Once barfed up by the whale, Icarus was underwater and he realized this was his fate. A tall man walked up to Icarus and tried to explain multiple things to him, once giving up the man gave Icarus a note and a pill, the note said that he should swallow the VERY large pill, he did as told. After swallowing the pill, Icarus could talk and breath underwater. “Now you can live under water.” Said the tall man “Hello, I am Akton, the first hand man of the great Poseidon.” “What am i to do now that i am living underwater?” Asked Icarus. “Well, Poseidon would like me to give you a tour of Atlantis and then take you to him.” Akton said. After a tour of Atlantis and meeting some of the local mermen and merwomen, who strangely have green blood. Icarus later met Poseidon, after long hours of conversation Poseidon said, “Instead of giving you a pair of wings, i will take you under my wings.” Icarus was very excited.
                      After about  month of Icarus living in Atlanta, he started feeling a bit mischievous. He would run around town telling lies, once Poseidon gets word of this he gives several warnings to Icarus. Even though Poseidon gives Icarus warnings, he keep running through town lying.
                    “Did you hear Akton is having an affair?!” “Unicorns exist!?” “You can stick metal in a toaster!?” These are just some of the lies he tells. After many lies are spread, the water is riffled and war starts. To this day, there is still the war and it is spread through all the oceans, occasional there is so much tension the water turns greenish, the mortal, air breathing humans call it alge. That is why at some coasts there is “Alge”, or Mermen/Merwoman blood.

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