The Lady or the Tiger?

October 25, 2016

It was a cloudy and rainy monday , In a small town named faith where the neighbors knew everyone and where the king of Egypt lives. The king was a  tall miserly , and a wicked person that always gets what he wants. The people in the town were scared to even see him around the town , but they had to obey him without saying no to anything. The king has cases he takes care of at the arena every week he gets new ones from different people around egypt.

      One day the king had a court case he had to attend it was the world's biggest and scariest case he was going to do.  The case was about a courtier that was accused for something he didn't do just because he loves the king's daughter. The king didn't like the fact the he was in love with his daughter so he knew he had to do something about it before they ran away together. The princess knew that the courtier was in love with her and that she was falling for him too. The princess was thinking about doing something so that he can get away and they can both be together. What the princess was feeling for him was true love that she was afraid to tell him so she kept quiet.

 A few days passed and the king was going to do his announcement for the court case  coming up.  The day was getting closer the king was getting ready for the case at the arena in the afternoon setting things  up and getting the doors ready. The people were getting there early to get ready for the big surprise.  The king had finally put everything together so that the courtier would get there and start the case as soon as possible. The audience settled down and took a seat waiting for the king and the courtier to walk in the arena.

Few minutes later the king and the courtier that had his arms and feet tied up with two security guards guiding him to the right direction  finally arrived. The audience stood up  and waited for the king to give the announcement. Then the audience took a seat and the king and the princess settled down. The king started off by saying, “okay listen up you will have to choose between the two doors to be fair about this behind one door is a lady that you will be getting married to and, the second door will be a tiger that will lead you to death. If you decide correctly you will be dismissed and nothing will happen after you get married to this young beautiful lady, but if you choose the wrong door and get the tiger this will be your last day. Good Luck fella.”

So a few minutes later they released his hands and arms free and let him walk towards the door to decide. The princess was dying inside seeing her love getting destroyed by her own father so she decides to get up and leave, but the king never realizes where she goes. The courtier started walking toward the two doors, inside he was having his last thoughts and last words he would say. The king slowly reaches towards the door he was going to choose but before he does that he turns around and he realizes the princess isn't there so he decide just to pick the door he think it it. The court closes his eyes and then reaches for the doorknob and pulls the door slowly toward him. As the courtier opens the door the princess runs to him, jumps in front so the tiger don't kill him and gives up her life for him. A few seconds later the king runs to the middle of the arena and tries to stop the tiger, all the guards gathered and kept shooting the tiger but couldn't get the tiger to let the princess go.

The king and the guards were too late the princess was dead, the courtier ran away before they knew it and the king didn't care anymore about the curtier. The audience was speechless and so was the king. The king was crying his guts out and released he was wrong for doing that , and promised to never do it again and gave up the crown and never wanted to be king again. A few days later nobody knew what had happened to the king until they went to his room in the castle and as soon as they walked in the king had hung himself.  The king was in a better place, and princess was to. The end

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