What a dream can do

November 18, 2016
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    I was walking to my friends house down Old Mill Boulevard on Saturday night when two pit bulls knocked me down and stole my homework. Their slobber dripped onto the back of my neck from their lolling tongues, smelling of rotten food and years of grime caked on the inside of their mouths. Before I could get a better glance at them, they took off barking in a way that sounded like a sarcastic laugh, if that was possible from dogs. I lay panting on the concrete, the penetrating cold already seeping into my skin.

    I took this route all the time and there had never been any dogs around before. Still lying on the sidewalk, I lifted my throbbing head slightly and checked for injuries. Only a few bruises and scratches showed on my arms. Slowly pushing myself upright, I stood and examined my surroundings. No sign of the pit bulls, let alone people.
    The dim glow of a nearby street light cast eerie shadows around the neighbourhood. I shivered in the faint breeze and started walking down the road once again.
    At the time the pitbulls surrounded me and decided that I would make an entertaining object to toy with, I had been walking to my friends house to complete our homework. Well, now I didn’t have any homework to speak of, so I decided that my friend would probably let me copy hers. A few hundred yards from her house, I noticed that not only were all of the lights off, but all of the blinds had been dropped to their limit.
    At this point, I realized something was not quite right. Not only was the street empty, but every house on the block had its blinds completely drawn.
    I awoke with a start. Raising my head off my desk, I saw the street light shining through the curtains. My homework lay underneath my folded arms and my hand still gripped a pencil. The luminous dial on my alarm clock read 11:30pm, and I gasped to see that three hours had elapsed since I began studying.
I heard my stomach rumble and my mouth watered at the lingering scent of pork chops from supper. All of the roaming I had done in my dreams must have made me awfully hungry.
Quietly I crept down the stairs, treading carefully on the second to last step to avoid making it creak. After eating a plateful of leftovers, I sneaked back to my room and settled in for a good night’s sleep.

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