November 17, 2016
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     Figure skating is something I can relate to. I also have been skating since forever. Ginerva Davis is an amazing skater. She does double jumps and her spins are oustanding, with speed and flexibility. She has everything that she needs to be the best skater she can be. She has the passion, she's commited, and she loves it. There's just one thing missing, her dress for competition.

     Even though it sounds silly, I understand when she says she needs the dress to be perfect and just the way she wants it to be. She needs to feel confident in her appearance. Years go by, skating is her priority. She skates every day until she can't anymore. Just as things were going perfectly, Ginerva started feeling unbearable pains. She couldnt skate to her fullest ability because her back was killing her. She explained to her coaches that it's probably a one day thin and that she'll be better the next day. The next day came, nothing felt better. Her back was still killing her. She went to the hospital to find out her back had been broken.

     She couldn't skate for weeks. But when she was all healed, skating didn't recover along with her back. The passion and love for skating in which she once had, had faded. She wasn't as into her skating as she once was. Although she didn't enjoy it as much as she once did, Ginerva continued skating. She continued skating for the past her, the Ginerva that was head over heels for skating, the Ginerva that would do anything to be on ice. The Ginerva that spent all her time on the ice and the Ginerva that worked so hard and put so much effort into her skating. 

     As time goes by, things change. Injuries happen and some things don't recover. Ginerva's skating dress had worn out, it was time to put the dress away in the closet. She will always have the memories to share of skating, she just needs a little break from it.

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