Prequel to the Cask of Amontillado

November 17, 2016
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One cold November night, Alec and I were about to go to sleep when suddenly there was a loud bang on the door.“ Who could that be?” Alec questioned because of how late it was. “Wait here and I will go see.” I said as I put on my robe, grabbed my candle, and left the room. I closed the door behind me and crept down the stairs. I grabbed a fire iron when I walked past the fire place. I slowly unlocked the door and opened it.

I dropped the fire iron and smiled. “Hello old friend” I said as I went to hug Fortunato, even though he smelled awful and like he was drenched in alcohol. “Hello Montresor, may I come in?” Fortunato said with his words slightly slurred. “Of course, but let me tell Alec you are here so he can come say hello.” “ Oh no it’s late let him sleep.” said Fortunato with a strange look on his face as he walked in . “ Oh no, I insist. “I  said as I closed the door then picked up the fire iron. We walked to the living room and I put up the fire iron then headed upstairs.

I slowly opened door and looked in to see Alec awake covering himself with the blankets and holding a letter opener. “ It’s ok love, it’s just a friend.”  I said as I walked over to him, put my candle down, and smiled. Alec smiled back at me and let go of the blankets. “ Who is it at this hour? Maybe I’ll come say hello.” “ It’s Fortunato.” “Oh” he stopped smiling and pulled the blankets back up. I looked at him confused.” Is something wrong?” “No of course not it’s just…” “Just what Alec?” “ Well I just feel very tired and cold now.” he said as he laid down. “I can tell him to go home if you’d like.” “Oh no I don’t mind, go spend time with him then when you are tired he can go home and you can come to bed.” “Ok dear, good night and I’ll be back soon.” I kissed him then blow out his candle beside the bed then grabbed mine.

I closed the door and went down stairs. I was very quiet and when I looked in the living room Fortunato was nowhere to be seen. When all of the sudden I heard the loud sound of glass breaking from our wine cellar downstairs. I jumped and grabbed our fire iron and slowly walked down the cellar stairs. I look and see Fortunato, who was laying on the floor, had broken our best wine glass and drinking the wine from me and Alec’s wedding. “ FORTUNATO STOP!!!” I ran over and took the wine from him then put the cork back in, while I was putting it back he grabbed a cheap wine and opened it. “Fortunato, how could you do that.” I said as i cleaned up the glass and grabbed to old ones for us. “I don’t know but it’s not the worse thing I’ve done.” he said as he sat up and drank both glasses quickly. “I’m sure it’s not but still, and you can’t use the fact that you’re drunk as an excuse.” I came and sir across from him on the floor and laid the candle between us.

He stared at me and smirked. “Where’s Alec?” “He’s upstairs asleep.” I said as I poured another glass for both of us and took a sip of mine. “AH…..Did he not want to see me?” Fortunato snickered. “No, he did but it’s very late and he needs to sleep” I took a few more sips then Fortunato grabbed the wine bottle and poured my glass. “You know I don’t drink much. After what happened to Alec.” I said in a stern and cold voice. Fortunato laughed loudly then laid back and continued to laugh. I looked at him confused and begin laughing because of how odd he looked? “ What’s so funny Fortunato?” I smiled and took a giant gulp of my wine. He slowly sat up and stopped laughing. “ You still don’t know who did it? Who locked him up in the catacombs and why?” I frowned and looked down. “ I don’t know because he’s scared to tell me.” Fortunato started laughing again bhis this time I didn’t. “What’s so funny?!” I slightly screamed at him. “ It was me you idiot.”

I looked at him confused and then angry. “What….. You’re joking? You can’t be serious. You and him are such good friends” I took another sip of my wine. “We are very good friends and I wanted to be more but you showed up and took him away from me! Then you got married and he barely spent anytime away from you!” He yelled with tears in his eyes. “ But why did you do it. How did locking him up change anything?” I screamed angrily “ You could have killed him. He was in there for so long and without food, water or direction.” “ That was never my intent..” “Then what was?!” I interrupted him.  “ I got him drunk and took him to the catacombs. I was tried to kiss him but he wouldn’t let me! So I gave him more to drink to see if that would help and it wouldn’t. So I gave him more till he passed out. Then I left.” He started crying. “I just wanted him to love me and not you.

I stood up while staring at him and he looked at me wanting pity. “Out. I want you out of this house.” I said softly but full of anger as I clenched my fists. “ But Montresor please..” “NOW!!!!” He got up and ran out the front door while I followed him with the fire iron. I slammed the door shut and stood with my back against it then slowly fell to the floor and cried. After a while I got up and went down stairs, feeling my way through the dark then grabbed the candle and went to my room. I opened the door, took off my robe, and laid in bed next to Alec. I kissed his cheek and whispered. “ I love you and I will protect you more than before.” He slowly woke up and got close to my then fell back asleep with his head on my chest. I didn’t sleep for a long time.

A few weeks later we got a invitation from Fortunato to a carnival. I stared at it and smile. “Honey?” I called for Alec. “Yes dear?” “ Do you know where my dagger and the Amontillado is?"

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