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November 14, 2016
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Montresor was ecstatic with joy when he heard the frail and elderly dealer speak “Dealer busts! Pay the table!” as the dealer pushed his chips to Montresors side of the table. 250,000 dollars was quite a lot of money.“Good job my dear friend!” Fortunato, sipping on a glass of wine said as Montresor was collecting his prize“Thank you my dear Fortunato, should we celebrate with some of the finest amontillado?” Montresor said. “Amontillado?” Fortunato said. “Yes, Amontillado

The streets were very dark and wet as Montresor was walking his drunk friend home in the dark,it seemed as if the streets themself were sad. “You know,Montresor.” the clearly intoxicated Fortunato said “I understand why the men around here call you one of the luckiest men to play at this casino,but your luck will run out one day” “Nonsense!” Montresor quickly fired back “I’ve ran many casinos before this one dry, what makes you think different of me this time?” “Oh well I don’t know” Fortunato replied “Not every king keeps his crown forever,there will always be someone better” “Oh really? Of you hold this is true, then how about we settle this disagreement in a game of 4 card poker?”  said Montresor, obviously Filled with anger “Well, you see Montresor-” Fortunato was saying before he was interrupted by his friend “No!, you have challenged my abilities! This game will go on tomorrow.” “Ok it’s settled then!” said Fortunato

It was a rainy day as Montresor was getting ready for his game of poker against his friend Fortunato.”This fool thinks he can beat me,Ha!” Montresor thought to himself as he was putting on his rain clothes.

As Montresor was nearing the casino, he saw Fortunato stepping of his horse, noticing a very out of place lump of something in his friends sleeve,it was a square shape,he decided to ignore it for the moment. “Ah, Montresor!” Fortunato said with a tone that seemed exaggerated “Fortunato!” said Montresor wrapping his arms around his friend “Are you prepared for our game?” he continued“Yes,Yes I am” Fortunato said with not sad,but almost devilish smirk on his face.

Montresor began dealing cards after the pair had collected their chips from the front counter and went back to the private game rooms.”Alright let us begin” Fortunato said. Both picked up their cards and examined them, Fortunato with a pair of 2s, one of hearts and one of spades , an 8 of clubs, and 9 of spades while Montresor, had a Jack of hearts, A king of diamonds,a queen of clubs, and an ace of hearts “Flush” Montresor thought to himself with a grin. “Would you like to draw anything?” Fortunato said “No, no I wouldn't” Montresor said “Alright then! Show your cards” Fortunato said. The pair threw down their cards, with Montresor obviously winning the first hand “Montresor wins the first hand with a royal flush” Fortunato said “This is too easy” Fortunato said grinning to himself

After an hour or so of playing, it was the final hand of the game, each had won the same amount of hands,this was the deciding hand. “Alright my friend,the final hand” Fortunato said “Good look” he said while he began dealing the cards. When Montresor picked up his cards he couldn't believe what he saw “A pair of 8s and a pair of 10s” he thought “I've won this” he said with a smirk on his face. When Fortunato picked up his cards, he had the perfect hand, a royal flush but he was missing one card, An ace, Fortunato looked up at Montresor noticing he was not looking, and he slipped a single ace from is sleeve , swapping it out for the one card that did not fit in his flush.”Alright!” Fortunato said “Would you like to draw any cards?” “No, no I wouldn't” Montresor said “Alright then! Show your cards!” as the pair threw their cards on the table, Montresor couldn't believe what he saw “You've cheated!” Montresor said “I'm sorry, I've warned you your luck would run out” Fortunato said , with a smirk on his face “No!” Montresor replied , slamming his fists on the table and walking away. “I will get my revenge" Montresor said.

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