The Night on my Street

November 2, 2016
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One day me and my friends was out, me Josh Kate and Bill. We were walking down the street and this tall old looking man popped out of the bushes at the corner and he said come here kids I have something for you guy, do you guys want to see… so we all look at each other and like 10 seconds go past and we are just looking at each other just blinking, we were all scared so we took off running down the street and the man was still following us and we get all the way down the street and Kate falls.
     We had to stop and go back to get her because she fell so hard on her knee and her knee was already messed off from playing sports. When we went back the man caught up with us and he look over Kate and said “you bet not move if you move then I will kill you”. We were crying to the man “please don’t kill are friend please”!
     The old man ended up letting Kate free and asked us to come with him. So the man said follow me, follow me! To my truck… We followed the man to his truck, the truck was down the street. His truck was a big white ford truck with dark windows and big black wheels. We all not in and the first thing the old men said was “if you tell anyone I made you guys follow me to my truck I will come back and find you guys and slit your necks and of you, do I make myself clear?” we all was so scared and crying just hoping the man would not kill us.
     I was sitting on the left side of the door and Josh was sitting on the right side of the door and Kate was sitting in the middle and we were kept looking at each other and I whispered to josh and said “josh we have to come up with a plan, a plan to get out of this truck”, and he said okay! we all punch him in the face from each side and Kate what you’re going to do is kick him in the head and we should be able to take him out.
     On the count of 10 we are going to take this man out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 BAM! BOW! BOM! We toke the man out and hurried up and ran out of that car and ran home. We were never walk at night alone again. We will avoid that area and stay away from old men driving big ford trucks.

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