Music for Years

November 16, 2016
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Music for years
Once upon a time there was a girl named Lucy. Lucy was a very beautiful girl with long bleach blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She also was a very outgoing person but kept to herself, Lucy was different. She wasn’t different in a bad way, she was different from everyone else in her school. For Lucy school was just another building with lots of loud people. Some people thought she was rude because she didn’t talk to anyone, or that she was depressed, or that she has a bad home life. Lucy lives in a foster home with 10 other children. The house is run down but was still liveable.
All Lucy wanted to do was write music. She wrote music everyday. Some songs were just to express her feelings and some songs were just for fun. All the people who lived with her didn’t like her playing her instruments so she had to go outside to play them. She would go outside to the woods to play the guitar, when she played piano she would go into the barn with all the animals, when she played the trumpet she would play in the tree house, which wasn’t very sturdy. These three instruments are her favorite. She also likes to sing anywhere.
At school she would sing in music class, hum at her locker, and when she was stressed she would whistle. This didn’t help her with the students in class. For years she had played and sang, it was what she enjoyed doing, it was what made her happy. One day a boy came up to Lucy, he was tall with spiky brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. He asked her to show him around. She didn’t say a word she just took him to the music room. No one was supposed to be in there but that was the only way she could talk to the boy. The boy was scared and tried to pull away but Lucy kept dragging him and holding tighter when he tried to pull away.
When they got into the room Lucy sat him down and held up one finger to tell him to wait. He didn’t know why, but he was fascinated and stayed. Lucy came back with her guitar and sat on a stool. Lucy didn’t play just yet instead she talked. In the sweetest sounding voice in the world she said “i’m Lucy and the only i can talk is if i sing.” The boy was confused, she just talked without singing. He thought “was this her first words ever without singing? What is she about to do? Should i be scared?” Then Lucy started playing a slow steady tune and she sang. This was not a song she wrote or even a song. She just said anything that first came to mind.
“Hey, my name is Lucy. and i know this is crazy, but i never talked before, unless i was… singing.” it took her a minute to come up with the words but the boy enjoyed hearing her sing. Later the boy stood up and told Lucy she didn’t have to be nervous about talking to him.
The boys name was Blake. Blake was interested in music and was Lucy’s only friend. Later on they graduated high school. They spent their whole lives together after that. They graduated college Lucy had a degree in music and Blake had a degree in photography. They had went their seperate ways a few years later and Lucy went on to become a great singer. When blake found this out he needed a front row ticket to one of her shows. He got one.
The show was in Nashville, Tennessee. He got there and when he did lucy had came out on stage in the most beautiful, short, black and gold dress. She saw him, she quickly jumped off the stage and he was speechless. She just looked at him and said “this is where you’re supposed to say will you marry me?” He did, he grabbed the microphone, jumped up on stage, and said “will you marry me” and got down on one knee. A recently divorced lady threw her ring on stage so they could have it. He put the ring on Lucy’s finger and she yelled yes as loud as she can.
After that they had three beautiful babies together and lived in a two story, run down, still liveable home, with a tree house. And all their kids learned how to play guitar, the trumpet, and the piano. They were also shy and outgoing, but they had many friends who loved to hear them sing and play their instruments.
Everyone lived happily ever after!

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